Page 7 (17PA172K) Headrest Assembly, R Rear *NH167L* (Graphite Black) (17) Manufacturer Part Number 82140-SVA-A12ZC

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EM Part 17 82140-SVA-A12ZC, 82140-SVA-A11ZC for 2008 Honda CIVIC COUPE, EX, EX (NAV), 5 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed Manual

HondaHeadrest Assembly, R Rear *NH167L* (Graphite Black), 82140-SVA-A12ZC
  • Manufactured: Honda
  • Part number:  82140-SVA-A12ZC
  • Part: Headrest Assembly, R Rear *NH167L* (Graphite Black)
  • Replaces: 82140-SVA-A11ZC
  • Price: $161.91

This part fits:

YearMakeModelEngine & TransmissionBody & Trim
2006HondaCIVIC COUPE5 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed ManualEX, EX (NAV)
2007HondaCIVIC COUPE5 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed ManualEX, EX (NAV)
2008HondaCIVIC COUPE5 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed ManualEX, EX (NAV)

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Catalog NumberPart NumberImagePart NamePrice
17PA82150-T2F-A42ZD + Seat-Back Assembly, R Rear Side *NH167L* (Leather) (Graphite Black)$177.35
17PD83280-T2F-A52ZA + Sun-visor Assembly, L *YR449L* (Mirror) (Cashmere Ivory)$78.82
17P177620-T2F-A12ZB + Outlet Assembly *NH865L* (Driver Side) (Full Gloss DOT Black)$184.90
17PS52686-S0X-013 + Rubber, Rear Spring Mounting$7.63
17PJ36150-T2A-A06 + Camera Assembly (Fcw)(Ldw)$638.88
17PX74964-SHJ-305 + Drive Unit$789.84
17P904646-T3L-A90ZZ + Panel Set, L Rear (Outer) (DOT)$794.12
17PU62100-T2F-A10ZZ + Panel, Roof (Sunroof)$669.33
17PI34254-T2A-013ZC + Base *YR416L* (Max Ivory)$35.00
17PO37820-5G1-L55 + Electronic Control$480.13
17P604715-T3L-A90ZZ + Face, Rear Bumper (DOT)$386.43
17P076841-T2A-305 + Tank Set, Washer (2.5L) (Coo)$52.42
17PT64115-T2F-305ZZ + Pillar, R Front$349.39
17PZ75701-T2A-A02 + Emblem (H)$25.10
17PV74306-SZA-A02ZB + Molding Assembly, R Roof *NH68* (Black Gloss 10)$80.12
17PN37820-5A2-A16 + Electronic Control$604.91
17PG84542-T2A-A10 + Box, Tool$23.28
17PC83111-T2F-A11ZB + Lining Assembly, R Cowl Side *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$9.37
17PP39170-T2A-A32 + Panel, Front$194.98
17PY76200-T2G-A42ZA + Mirror Assembly, R Door *NH797M*(R.C.)(Heated) (Modern Steel Metallic)$339.46
17P277630-T2F-A12ZB + Outlet Assembly *NH865L* (Passenger Side) (Full Gloss DOT Black)$244.04
17PF83700-T2F-A61ZA + Lining Assembly, R Rear Door *YR449L* (Cashmere Ivory)$262.74
17PQ53601-T2F-A04 + Rack, Power Steering$926.39
17PE83562-T2A-A22ZA + Panel Assembly, L Ornament *YR458L* (Selenite Brown)$168.79
17PH34254-T2A-013ZB + Base *NH836L* (Wisteria Light Gray)$32.14
17PR52621-T2A-A02 + Washer, Shock Absorber Mounting$15.19
17P504636-SZT-A91ZZ + Panel Set, R Rear (Outer) (DOT)$673.49
17P871101-T3L-A01ZZ + Face, Front Bumper$299.54
17P704817-T3L-A00ZB + Anchor Set, R Front Seat (Outer) *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$57.74
17PL36770-T2A-A12 + Switch Assembly, Cruise & Distance$27.56
17P380351-TV9-A01 + Receiver$41.95
17PM37820-5A2-A91 + Control Module, Powertrain (Rewritable)$585.77
17PW74500-T0A-D01 + Extension, Dashboard (Upper)$232.77
17P481131-T2F-A01ZC + Cover, R Front Seat Cushion Trim *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$127.49
17PB82620-T2F-013 + Lock Assembly, L Rear Seat$13.50
17PK36700-T2A-A03 + Acc Unit (Rewritable)$392.52
17YA82521-TG7-A01ZC + Cover, L Rear Seat-Back Trim *NH836L* (Wisteria Light Gray)$187.85
17YD83407-TG7-A02 + Tray, Console$4.60
17Y142700-TBA-A52 + Disk, Wheel (16X4T) (Topy)$67.97
17YS82940-T3L-A41ZD + Headrest Assembly, Rear Center *NH167L* (Leather) (Graphite Black)$103.49
17YJ50300-TZ5-A05 + Sub-Frame Assembly, Rear Suspension (2WD)$909.79
17YX37820-5BA-A14 + Control Module, Powertrain (Rewritable)$243.51
17Y950890-TBA-A82 + Rod, Torque (Lower)$47.34
17YU17044-TBA-A03 + Tank Set, Fuel$653.62
17YI44017-T7W-A92 + Boot Set, Inboard (Gkn)$32.46
17YO79600-T2F-A51ZA + Control Assembly, Auto Air Conditioner *NH892L* (Mirror Black)$198.23
17Y650820-TBA-A02 + Mounting, Engine Side$91.18
17Y038924-5BA-A02 + Coil Set$36.83
17YT1K842-RMX-A02 + Label$8.14
17YZ38924-5AA-A02 + Coil Set$41.05
17YV17518-TBA-A01 + Baffle, Fuel Tank Heat$13.44
17YN77222-T2J-H12ZA + Garnish, Driver *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$6.76
17YG83440-T7W-A21ZA + Panel Assembly, Center Console *NH900L* (Deep Black)$109.86
17YC83201-TG7-A02ZA + Lining, Roof *YR507L* (Shadow Beige)$383.80
17YP81126-T2G-A03 + Frame, R Front Seat$527.20
17YY38900-5AA-A02 + Clutch Set$123.49
17Y242700-TBA-A12 + Disk, Wheel (16X7J) (Topy)$79.89
17YF83413-TG7-A03 + Box Assembly, Console$65.62
17YQ81331-TK8-A42ZB + Cover, R Middle Seat Cushion Trim *NH767L* (Leather) (Truffle)$185.98
17YE83408-TG7-A02ZB + Shutter Assembly, Console *NH900L* (Deep Black)$87.23
17YH91501-TG7-A02 + Clip, Roof Molding (M6)$0.31
17YR82531-TK8-A42ZA + Cover, L Rear Seat Cushion Trim *NH686L* (Leather) (Warm Gray)$246.73
17Y545255-TBC-A01 + Splash Guard, Front$11.26
17Y850820-TBC-A02 + Mounting, Engine Side$125.11
17Y750200-TBC-A03 + Sub-Frame, Front$432.06
17YL44600-T2F-A01 + Hub Assembly, Front$51.69
17Y343021-TBA-A02 + Gear Unit, L Motor$52.33
17YM52611-T2F-A33 + Shock Absorber Unit, Rear$86.07
17YW31521-TBA-A02 + Box, Battery (55B)$18.24
17Y443022-TBA-A02 + Pad Set, Rear$62.37
17YB82630-TG7-A02ZA + Cover, L Rear Seat Reclining (Outer) *YR507L* (Shadow Beige)$18.79
17YK50300-TG7-A02 + Sub-Frame Assembly, Rear Suspension (4WD)$934.78
172A31200-P8A-A01 + Starter Motor Assembly (Sm-44201)(Mitsuba)$678.36
172D31200-PLR-A02 + Starter Motor Assembly (Dsdeu) (Denso)$231.47
172132611-S3V-A00 + Bracket, Sub-Ground$3.10
172S32111-PPA-A01 + Sub-Wire, Starter$278.16
172J31512-S3Y-010 + Plate, Battery Setting$13.16
172X32230-SR3-A01 + Harness, ABS Fuse Box$311.85
172933100-SV4-A02 + Headlight Assembly, R$232.77
172U32111-RRB-A03 + Sub-Wire, Starter$103.73
172I31500-SPL-1AH100M + Bat (GR24) (630CCA)$119.01
172O31521-SNA-A00 + Box, Battery (46B24)$5.39
172633101-S01-305 + Unit Head Light, R$230.03
172032410-SS0-010 + Cable Assembly, Starter$65.04
172T32111-PZD-A01 + Sub-Wire, Starter$96.79
172Z32410-S3Y-A01 + Cable Assembly, Starter$33.81
172V32118-S9V-A01 + Sub-Wire, Console Accessory Socket$7.87
172N31521-SR3-000 + Box Assembly, Battery$18.67
172G31500-SF1-A1100M + Battery Assembly (80D26R-Mf)$103.77
172C31200-PGK-A02 + Starter Motor Assembly (Sm-44247)(Mitsuba)$610.47
172P31521-SV7-A01 + Box, Battery (80D)$17.42
172Y32410-S5B-A01 + Cable Assembly, Starter$95.72
172232700-PAA-A02 + Wire Assembly, Ignition (Prestolite Wire)$88.71
172F31204-RNA-003 + Switch Assembly, Magnet$38.36
172Q31542-SA5-665 + Plug, Vent (Mf) (Panasonic)$5.63
172E31200-RCA-A02 + Starter Motor Assembly (Sm-44243)(Mitsuba)$416.77
172H31500-SL5-100M + Battery Assembly (70D23L-Mf)$103.77
172R32110-PLR-A51 + Wire Harness, Engine$478.21
172533100-SM4-A04 + Headlight Assembly, R (Stanley)$213.50
172833101-S10-A01 + Headlight Unit, R$349.54
172733101-S30-A02 + Headlight Unit, R$369.19
172L31512-SDB-A01 + Plate, Battery Setting (70D)$7.45
172333010-SH3-305 + Adjust Kit, Headlight$11.78
172M31513-SP0-010 + Bolt, Battery Setting (210MM)$4.92
172W32121-PHM-010 + Cover, Engine$44.52
172433100-SM4-A02 + Headlight Assembly, R (Stanley)$212.76
172B31200-PE0-005RM + Starter Motor Assembly (0.8KW) (S114-396) (RMD) (Hitachi)$146.35
172K31511-SB2-671 + Mark, Battery Caution (Maintenance Free)$4.31