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18 Headrest Assembly, R Rear *YR327L* (Pearl Ivory), replace 82140-SVA-A11ZB 82140-SVA-A11ZB for 2008 Honda CIVIC COUPE, EX, EX (NAV), LX, 5 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed Manual

HondaHeadrest Assembly, R Rear *YR327L* (Pearl Ivory), 82140-SVA-A12ZB
  • Manufactured: Honda
  • Part number:  82140-SVA-A12ZB
  • Part: Headrest Assembly, R Rear *YR327L* (Pearl Ivory)
  • Replaces: 82140-SVA-A11ZB
  • Price: $161.91

This part fits:

YearMakeModelEngine & TransmissionBody & Trim
2006HondaCIVIC COUPE5 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed ManualEX, EX (NAV), LX
2007HondaCIVIC COUPE5 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed ManualEX, EX (NAV), LX
2008HondaCIVIC COUPE5 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed ManualEX, EX (NAV), LX

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183Y37820-RRB-A14 + Control Module, Engine (Rewritable)$421.46
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183F37800-S04-C01 + Meter Unit, Fuel$131.48
183Q37820-P8C-306 + Ecu$586.93
183E37800-S02-C12 + Meter Unit, Fuel$88.92
183H37800-SV4-A03 + Meter Unit, Fuel$142.98
183R37820-P8C-305 + Ecu$645.62
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183838100-S2A-A02 + Horn Assembly (Low)$39.37
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183L37820-P1E-A62 + Control Module, Eng$836.80
183337870-PK2-015 + Sensor Assembly, Water Temperature (Hadsys)$42.63
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183W37820-PAA-406 + Ecu$868.62
183438011-PH4-A02 + Clutch Set, Compressor$170.00
183B37740-P0H-A02 + Timer, Radiator Fan (Motorola)$35.49
183K37820-P12-A01 + Control Module, Engine$945.90
18MA60261-T2F-A90ZZ + Panel, L Front Fender (DOT)$258.08
18MD63220-T2A-315ZZ + Stiffener, R Side Sill$252.06
18M174180-T2A-A01 + Bar, Front Tower$53.15
18MS72335-T2F-A01 + Weatherstrip, R Front Door (Inner)$18.64
18MJ65630-T2F-A00ZZ + Frame, R Rear (Upper)$136.86
18MX73111-T2F-A11 + Glass Set, Front Windshield (Green)(AGC)$669.30
18M977901-T2A-J01 + Sub-Wire, Cable Reel$22.14
18MU72650-TK8-A12 + Latch Assembly, L Slide Door (Power)$219.36
18MI65610-T2F-305ZZ + Frame, R Rear$852.06
18MO68500-T2A-A90ZZ + Lid, Trunk (DOT)$608.78
18M677297-T2F-A02ZA + Panel Assembly, Console *NH863L* (Graphite Gun Metallic)$95.25
18M074145-T2G-405 + Dumper Assembly, R Hood Opener (Coo)$52.42
18MT72640-S04-J01YV + Handle As*NH623M*$73.88
18MZ73400-T2F-A00 + Glass Assembly, R Rear Door (Green)(Pgw)$187.72
18MV72710-T2A-A02 + Regulator Assembly, R Rear Door Power$266.25
18MN67611-T2F-A00ZZ + Skin, R Rear Door$225.30
18MG65100-T2F-306ZZ + Floor, Front$619.07
18MC60630-T2A-A00ZZ + Base, Battery Setting$52.02
18MP71130-T2F-A00ZZ + Beam, Front Bumper$246.91
18MY73150-T2F-A01 + Molding, Front Windshield$15.96
18M274219-T2F-A00 + Cowl Top Assembly (B)$103.01
18MF64300-T2F-305ZZ + Panel, R Rear Inside$700.06
18MQ72275-T2F-A01 + Channel, L Front Door Run$24.81
18ME63530-T2F-A00ZZ + Stiffener, L Front Pillar (Lower)$75.36
18MH65140-T2F-305ZZ + Sill, R Front Inside$174.46
18MR72310-T2F-A01 + Weatherstrip, R Front Door$30.44
18M577100-T2F-A00ZA + Panel, Instrument *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$580.03
18M877820-T2A-A71 + Module Assembly, Passenger$924.37
18M777810-T2A-A81ZA + Module Assembly, Driver *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$819.68
18ML67010-T2A-A90ZZ + Panel, R Front Door (DOT)$668.00
18M374520-T2F-A00 + Cover Assembly, R Middle Floor (Lower)$33.90
18MM67550-T2F-A00ZZ + Panel, L Rear Door$624.37
18MW72750-TK8-A02 + Regulator Assembly, L Rear Door Power$112.21
18M475450-T2A-A01 + Outlet Assembly, Rear Air$7.41
18MB60400-T2F-A00ZZ + Bulkhead, Front$367.75
18MK65636-T2A-A00ZZ + Plate, R Rear Frame End$39.55
18WA82521-TG7-A01ZC + Cover, L Rear Seat-Back Trim *NH836L* (Wisteria Light Gray)$187.85
18WD83407-TG7-A02 + Tray, Console$4.60
18W142700-TBA-A52 + Disk, Wheel (16X4T) (Topy)$67.97
18WS82940-T3L-A41ZD + Headrest Assembly, Rear Center *NH167L* (Leather) (Graphite Black)$103.49
18WJ50300-TZ5-A05 + Sub-Frame Assembly, Rear Suspension (2WD)$909.79
18WX37820-5BA-A14 + Control Module, Powertrain (Rewritable)$243.51
18W950890-TBA-A82 + Rod, Torque (Lower)$47.34
18WU17044-TBA-A03 + Tank Set, Fuel$653.62
18WI44017-T7W-A92 + Boot Set, Inboard (Gkn)$32.46
18WO79600-T2F-A51ZA + Control Assembly, Auto Air Conditioner *NH892L* (Mirror Black)$198.23
18W650820-TBA-A02 + Mounting, Engine Side$91.18
18W038924-5BA-A02 + Coil Set$36.83
18WT1K842-RMX-A02 + Label$8.14
18WZ38924-5AA-A02 + Coil Set$41.05
18WV17518-TBA-A01 + Baffle, Fuel Tank Heat$13.44
18WN77222-T2J-H12ZA + Garnish, Driver *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$6.76
18WG83440-T7W-A21ZA + Panel Assembly, Center Console *NH900L* (Deep Black)$109.86
18WC83201-TG7-A02ZA + Lining, Roof *YR507L* (Shadow Beige)$383.80
18WP81126-T2G-A03 + Frame, R Front Seat$527.20
18WY38900-5AA-A02 + Clutch Set$123.49
18W242700-TBA-A12 + Disk, Wheel (16X7J) (Topy)$79.89
18WF83413-TG7-A03 + Box Assembly, Console$65.62
18WQ81331-TK8-A42ZB + Cover, R Middle Seat Cushion Trim *NH767L* (Leather) (Truffle)$185.98
18WE83408-TG7-A02ZB + Shutter Assembly, Console *NH900L* (Deep Black)$87.23
18WH91501-TG7-A02 + Clip, Roof Molding (M6)$0.31
18WR82531-TK8-A42ZA + Cover, L Rear Seat Cushion Trim *NH686L* (Leather) (Warm Gray)$246.73
18W545255-TBC-A01 + Splash Guard, Front$11.26
18W850820-TBC-A02 + Mounting, Engine Side$125.11
18W750200-TBC-A03 + Sub-Frame, Front$432.06
18WL44600-T2F-A01 + Hub Assembly, Front$51.69
18W343021-TBA-A02 + Gear Unit, L Motor$52.33
18WM52611-T2F-A33 + Shock Absorber Unit, Rear$86.07
18WW31521-TBA-A02 + Box, Battery (55B)$18.24
18W443022-TBA-A02 + Pad Set, Rear$62.37
18WB82630-TG7-A02ZA + Cover, L Rear Seat Reclining (Outer) *YR507L* (Shadow Beige)$18.79
18WK50300-TG7-A02 + Sub-Frame Assembly, Rear Suspension (4WD)$934.78