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18 82140-SVA-A12ZB, old number 82140-SVA-A11ZB, Headrest Assembly, R Rear *YR327L* (Pearl Ivory), ex. 82140-SVA-A11ZB for 2008 Honda CIVIC COUPE, EX, EX (NAV), LX, 5 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed Manual

HondaHeadrest Assembly, R Rear *YR327L* (Pearl Ivory), 82140-SVA-A12ZB
  • Manufactured: Honda
  • Part number:  82140-SVA-A12ZB
  • Part: Headrest Assembly, R Rear *YR327L* (Pearl Ivory)
  • Replaces: 82140-SVA-A11ZB
  • Price: $161.91

This part fits:

YearMakeModelEngine & TransmissionBody & Trim
2006HondaCIVIC COUPE5 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed ManualEX, EX (NAV), LX
2007HondaCIVIC COUPE5 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed ManualEX, EX (NAV), LX
2008HondaCIVIC COUPE5 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed ManualEX, EX (NAV), LX

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18TA78560-T5A-J81ZC + Switch Assembly, R Paddle Shift *NH900L* (Deep Black)$65.67
18TD81121-T5R-A02ZA + Cover, R Front Seat-Back Trim *NH900L* (Deep Black)$300.16
18T141200-R7L-A01 + Carrier Assembly, Rear Differential$1,587.20
18TS44017-T2A-A73 + Boot Set, Inboard$32.46
18TJ84131-T5R-A02ZA + Garnish Assembly, R Quarter Pillar *NH882L* (Platinum Gray)$39.37
18TX33951-T1W-A11 + Fog Light Unit, L (Coo)$159.30
18T970020-SEP-305 + Fastener Kit, Roof Lining$0.46
18TU45022-TK8-A01 + Pad Set, Front$71.47
18TI83597-T5A-A11ZA + Panel, L Front Power Window Switch *NH900L* (Deep Black)$25.19
18TO17045-SHJ-A51 + Set, F/Pump Module$334.59
18T652371-T1W-A01 + Arm, L Rear Trailing$327.22
18T042700-T1W-A85 + Disk, Aluminum Wheel (17X7J) (Enkei)$250.97
18TT44018-T2A-A73 + Boot Set, Outboard$32.46
18TZ40100-T1W-A02 + Shaft Assembly, Propeller$513.71
18TV04712-T1W-A91 + Face, Front Bumper (Lower) (DOT)$148.22
18TN76800-T0A-P30 + Tube 750$4.78
18TG83500-T5A-A02ZA + Lining Assembly, R Front Door *NH900L* (Deep Black)$203.37
18TC78870-T5R-A01 + Module Assembly, R Side Curtain Airbag$505.88
18TP78527-TY2-A10 + Tag, Passenger SRS Caution$2.87
18TY37820-5LA-A53 + Control Module, Powertrain (Rewritable)$522.73
18T251350-T1W-A55 + Arm Assembly, R Front (Lower)$222.01
18TF83402-T5R-A01ZA + Garnish Assembly, Console *NH869L* (Grand Bonheur Silver)$28.87
18TQ84201-T0A-A03ZC + Garnish Assembly, R Front Side (Inner) *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$12.37
18TE81521-T5R-A02ZA + Cover, L Front Seat-Back Trim *NH900L* (Deep Black)$300.16
18TH83547-T5A-A01ZA + Panel, R Front Power Window Switch *NH900L* (Deep Black)$25.19
18TR44014-T2A-A73 + Joint Set, Outboard$184.33
18T552300-T1W-A01 + Spring, Rear Stabilizer$59.36
18T864720-TFE-305ZZ + Extension, L Rear Wheel Arch$77.25
18T752611-T1W-A03 + Shock Absorber Unit, Rear$119.81
18TL1B000-5K1-A06 + PCU Assembly$4,196.46
18T351621-T1W-A03 + Shock Absorber Unit, L Front$146.06
18TM50200-T2A-A12 + Sub-Frame, Front$842.07
18TW04711-T1W-A91ZZ + Face, Front Bumper (Upper) (DOT)$258.52
18T452370-T1W-A01 + Arm, R Rear Trailing$327.22
18TB78565-T5A-J81ZC + Switch Assembly, L Paddle Shift *NH900L* (Deep Black)$65.67
18TK45022-TK6-A01 + Pad Set, Front (Ak NS236H Ef)$56.22
18ZA1C800-PHM-013 + Converter Assembly, DC-DC (12V)$1,781.67
18ZD1J420-RCJ-020 + Duct, Air In$71.93
18Z12-91123-000-0RM + Starter (RMD) Core ID 2-91123-000-0 2-91255-18-0$329.43
18ZS2-90051-900-0 + Nut Wheel Front Axle S$13.42
18ZJ1J642-RCJ-013 + Muffler B, Fan$28.69
18ZX8-97130-776-0RM + Alternator (RMD) Core ID 8-97130-752-0 8-97130-776-0$425.99
18Z925212-RAA-003 + Hose (210MM) (Atf) (Bs)$11.48
18ZU2-90151-700-0 + Carrier Assembly Sp$77.35
18ZI1J636-RCJ-013 + Element, Noise Absorber$43.36
18ZO1K520-PHM-013 + Sensor Assembly, Phase Current$86.37
18Z625212-P0G-003 + Hose (330MM) (Oil Cooler) (Bs)$19.35
18Z02-90662-900-0 + Belt Serpentine Driv$28.75
18ZT2-9003G-001-0 + Controller Module ABS$1,136.03
18ZZ2-90403-400-0 + Garnish Primed$139.96
18ZV2-97227-000-0 + Grille, Rad Primer$377.86
18ZN1K510-PHM-013 + Sensor Assembly, Input Current$86.37
18ZG1J641-RCJ-013 + Muffler A, Fan$20.61
18ZC1J410-PHM-000 + Case, Heat Sink$199.55
18ZP1K530-RMX-013 + Sensor Assembly, Battery Current$119.07
18ZY8-97228-255-0 + Holder, Axle Shaft Bearing$21.99
18Z22-91226-008-0RM + Caliper, R Front Disk Brake (RMD)$180.84
18ZF1J632-RCJ-023 + Duct B, Air Outlet$29.71
18ZQ1K860-PHM-A01 + Label, Battery Information$4.10
18ZE1J631-RCJ-023 + Duct Assembly A, Air Outlet$70.37
18ZH1J643-RCJ-013 + Element, Noise Absorber$43.36
18ZR2-90002-803-0 + Passport Rear Cup Handler$41.18
18Z525210-P8F-010 + Pipe C (Atf)$51.38
18Z825211-PLM-A05 + Hose (320MM) (Atf)$6.92
18Z725211-RAA-006 + Hose (550MM) (Atf) (Nichirin)$11.33
18ZL1K000-PHM-A01 + Control Unit, Motor Electronic$821.72
18Z32-91226-343-0RM + Caliper Assembly, L Rear (RMD)$224.50
18ZM1K100-PHM-A03 + Control Unit, Battery Electronic$1,770.08
18ZW2-90276-600-0 + Generator Assembly$640.94
18Z421150-PHT-010 + Pan, Oil$154.81
18ZB1F660-RMX-013 + Harness, Control$58.67
18ZK1J816-RMX-003 + Motor Assembly, Cooling Fan$200.88
18VA82940-T7W-A01ZF + Headrest, Rear Center *NH1031L* (Left Neo Grayge)$152.61
18VD81162-T2F-A03 + Cord, R Front Seat Sws$76.82
18V170100-TG7-A22 + Frame, Sunroof$409.07
18VS52300-TG7-A02 + Spring, Rear Stabilizer$88.70
18VJ31100-5J6-A01 + Alternator Assembly (CSK51) (Denso)$568.67
18VX60211-TG7-A90ZZ + Panel, R Front Fender (DOT)$191.80
18V976250-TG7-A22ZA + Mirror Assembly, L*R529P*$381.81
18VU53213-TG7-A03 + Shaft, Steering Inter Mediate$278.41
18VI17650-TG7-A02 + Pipe Assembly, Fuel Filler$29.34
18VO38810-RLV-A02 + Compressor$649.87
18V673335-TG7-A02 + Seal, R Front Door Quarter$14.52
18V067611-TG7-315ZZ + Skin Set, R Rear Door$275.82
18VT52300-TG8-A02 + Spring, Rear Stabilizer$83.96
18VZ67510-TG7-A91ZZ + Panel, R Rear Door (DOT)$864.89
18VV53601-TG7-A02 + Box, Steering Gear$1,000.22
18VN37820-RLV-A03 + Control Module, Powertrain (Rewritable)$395.08
18VG04711-TG7-A90ZZ + Face, Front Bumper (DOT)$254.59
18VC06311-RB0-505RM + Alternator, Rm$428.30
18VP38900-5J6-A02 + Clutch Set$101.48
18VY62120-TG7-306ZZ + Rail, Front Roof$55.49
18V272235-TG7-A02 + Channel, R Front Door Run$62.27
18VF04635-TG7-A01ZZ + Panel, R Front (Outer)$590.20
18VQ38924-5J6-A03 + Coil Set$61.21
18VE04631-TG7-A00ZZ + Panel, R Side Sill$559.37
18VH04715-TG7-A90ZZ + Face, Rear Bumper (DOT)$307.81
18VR42762-TG7-A02 + Placard, Specification (Usa)$1.75
18V573111-TG7-A03 + Glass Set, Front Windshield (Green)(Pilkington)$557.88
18V875250-TG7-A02 + Rail Assembly, R Roof$253.94
18V773491-TG7-A02 + Seal, L Rear Door Quarter$15.55
18VL33100-TG7-A02 + Headlight Assembly, R$348.38
18V372336-TG7-A02 + Seal, R Front Door Gap$32.64
18VM34500-TG7-A02 + Light Assembly, R Rear Back-Up$89.09
18VW60100-TG7-A90ZZ + Hood, Engine (DOT)$569.02
18V472450-TG7-A02 + Molding Assembly, L Front Door$25.62
18VB91513-T7A-003 + Clip, Arch Protector$1.62
18VK31500-TZ3-100M + Battery (H6/Fla)$167.20