(82151-S01-A02ZB) Cover, R Rear Seat-Back Side Trim *YR164L* (Medium Taupe) 19 OEM Parts

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19 Cover, R Rear Seat-Back Side Trim *YR164L* (Medium Taupe), replace 82151-S01-A01ZB, 82151-S04-A02ZB 82151-S01-A01ZB, 82151-S04-A02ZB for 2000 Honda CIVIC SEDAN, DX, 4 Speed Automatic

HondaCover, R Rear Seat-Back Side Trim *YR164L* (Medium Taupe), 82151-S01-A02ZB
  • Manufactured: Honda
  • Part number:  82151-S01-A02ZB
  • Part: Cover, R Rear Seat-Back Side Trim *YR164L* (Medium Taupe)
  • Replaces: 82151-S01-A01ZB, 82151-S04-A02ZB
  • Price: $77.29

This part fits:

YearMakeModelEngine & TransmissionBody & Trim
1996HondaCIVIC SEDAN4 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed ManualDX
1997HondaCIVIC SEDAN4 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed ManualDX
1998HondaCIVIC SEDAN4 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed ManualDX
1999HondaCIVIC SEDAN4 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed ManualDX
2000HondaCIVIC SEDAN4 Speed AutomaticDX

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19A074890-TK8-A12ZA + Garnish Assembly, Rear License *Tchrome* (Chromium Plating)$156.30
19AT68100-TK8-A90ZZ + Tailgate (DOT)$550.06
19AZ74603-TF0-J50 + Plate C, Floor Heat Baffle$15.62
19AV72050-TK8-A12 + Motor Assembly, L Power Slide Door Unit$528.97
19AN65720-TK8-307ZZ + Cross-member B, Middle Floor$280.77
19AG51350-S9A-A02 + Arm, R Front (Lower)$280.98
19AC44305-TK8-A21 + Drive Shaft Assembly, R$246.51
19AP67010-TK8-A93ZZ + Panel, R Front Door (DOT)$698.10
19AY72810-TK8-A03 + Weatherstrip, R Slide Door$40.64
19A276220-TK8-A02 + Garnish, R Door Mirror$8.54
19AF51350-TK8-A01 + Arm Assembly, R Front (Lower)$290.64
19AQ65750-SNC-A01ZZ + Cross-member, Rear Floor$206.91
19AE46101-TK8-A04 + Master Cylinder Set$142.47
19AH52610-TK8-A11 + Shock Absorber Assembly, Rear$100.42
19AR67510-TK8-A91ZZ + Panel Comp, R Slid$806.19
19A577111-TK8-A02ZC + Panel, Instrument *YR400L* (Sienna Beige)$450.18
19A877960-TK8-A01 + SRS Unit (Rewritable) (Denso)$715.80
19A777821-TK8-A82ZB + Lid Set, Passenger *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$42.37
19AL65100-TP6-A01ZZ + Floor, Front$983.83
19A376540-TK8-A02 + Rod Unit A$11.66
19AM65140-TK8-305ZZ + Sill, R Front Inside$507.94
19AW72640-TK8-A11ZG + Handle Assembly, R Slide Door (Outer) *R529P* (Dark Cherry Pearl)$56.77
19A476530-TK8-A03 + Link, Front Wiper$63.32
19AB39107-TK8-A55 + Tuner Unit Assembly(K$4,423.28
19AK63650-TK8-A01ZZ + Extension, L Roof Side Rail$106.86
19DA51211-TR3-Y00 + Knuckle, R Front$116.33
19DD53601-TS8-A04 + Rack, Power Steering$1,143.84
19D171170-TR3-A00 + Absorber, Front Bumper$71.90
19DS67010-TR0-A90ZZ + Panel, R Front Door (DOT)$675.30
19DJ63220-TR0-305ZZ + Stiffener Set, R Side Sill$200.25
19DX67010-TR6-C80ZZ + Panel, R Front Door (DOT)$675.30
19D973441-TR3-A02 + Seal, R Rear Door Quarter$7.65
19DU66500-TR3-A10ZZ + Shelf, Rear Parcel$239.68
19DI62100-TS8-A01ZZ + Panel, Roof$950.70
19DO64700-TS8-309ZZ + Panel Comp L, Rear I$650.93
19D673111-TR3-A02 + Glass Set, Front Windshield (Green)(Pgw)$658.89
19D068500-TS8-A22ZZ + Lid, Trunk$441.67
19DT66100-TR3-A00ZZ + Panel, Rear$186.37
19DZ67510-TR0-A90ZZ + Panel, R Rear Door (DOT)$662.76
19DV65750-TX6-A00ZZ + Cross-member, Rear Floor$124.86
19DN64323-TR0-A01 + Separator, R Rear Wheel Arch$2.66
19DG60100-TR3-A90ZZ + Hood, Engine (DOT)$474.06
19DC51722-TR7-A01 + Rubber, Front Bump Stop$11.64
19DP65700-TR3-A00ZZ + Cross-member, Middle Floor$286.84
19DY67550-TR6-C80ZZ + Panel, L Rear Door (DOT)$662.76
19D204716-TR7-A91 + Face, Rear Bumper (Lower)$204.60
19DF60261-TR6-305ZZ + Panel, L Front Fender$198.44
19DQ65100-TX6-A00ZZ + Floor, Front$922.04
19DE57300-TR2-A01 + Power Unit, Brake$971.98
19DH62100-TR3-A01ZZ + Panel, Roof$610.11
19DR65740-TR3-A20ZZ + Cross-member, R Rear Floor (Upper)$176.61
19D572350-TR0-A01 + Weatherstrip, L Front Door$62.34
19D873405-TR3-A00 + Glass, R Rear Door Quarter (Green)(AGC)$90.51
19D773335-TR0-A02 + Seal, R Front Door Quarter$7.43
19DL63620-TR0-305ZZ + Stiffener Set, L Side Sill$200.25
19D372110-TR0-A11 + Latch Assembly, R Front Door Power$280.37
19DM64300-TR0-426ZZ + Panel Comp R, Rear I$636.69
19DW67010-TS8-A91ZZ + Panel, R Front Door (DOT)$773.79
19D472142-TR0-305 + Kit, R Front Base$39.58
19DB51360-TR7-A01 + Arm, L Front (Lower)$131.81
19DK63320-TS8-A01ZZ + Gutter, R Rear$83.16
191A37540-S84-A02 + Sensor, Stop Lamp Failure (2P)$41.98
191D37800-S02-C01 + Meter Unit, Fuel$105.02
191137840-P0A-A01 + Sensor Assembly, Crank-Tdc$289.78
191S37820-P8C-A62 + Control Module, Engine$593.42
191J37820-P0G-A51 + Control Module, Engine$1,272.97
191X37820-PAA-407 + Ecu$1,121.32
191938100-S3Y-A02 + Horn Assembly (Low)$46.23
191U37820-P8F-306 + Control Module, Eng$998.48
191I37801-SV4-L01 + Gasket, Base$18.62
191O37820-P3F-L61 + Control Module, Engine$635.52
191638100-S04-K12 + Horn Assembly.(Low)$46.23
191037830-PAA-S00 + Sensor Set, Map$90.24
191T37820-P8C-A56 + Ecu$676.61
191Z37821-PVJ-A01 + Bracket, PCM$212.77
191V37820-PAA-317 + Ecu$1,206.40
191N37820-P2M-A62 + Control Module, Engine$977.95
191G37800-SR3-004 + Meter Unit, Fuel (Denso)$64.35
191C37760-P00-003 + Switch Assembly, Thermo (A-93) (Nippon Thermostat)$54.28
191P37820-P5M-A52 + Control Module, Engine$836.80
191Y37820-RRB-A14 + Control Module, Engine (Rewritable)$421.46
191237840-P8A-305 + Sensor (TDC1-TDC2)$61.26
191F37800-S04-C01 + Meter Unit, Fuel$131.48
191Q37820-P8C-306 + Ecu$586.93
191E37800-S02-C12 + Meter Unit, Fuel$88.92
191H37800-SV4-A03 + Meter Unit, Fuel$142.98
191R37820-P8C-305 + Ecu$645.62
191538011-PT6-A05 + Clutch Set, Compressor$186.95
191838100-S2A-A02 + Horn Assembly (Low)$39.37
191738100-S3Y-013 + Horn Assembly (Low)$19.07
191L37820-P1E-A62 + Control Module, Eng$836.80
191337870-PK2-015 + Sensor Assembly, Water Temperature (Hadsys)$42.63
191M37820-P2E-315 + Control Module, Engine$719.41
191W37820-PAA-406 + Ecu$868.62
191438011-PH4-A02 + Clutch Set, Compressor$170.00
191B37740-P0H-A02 + Timer, Radiator Fan (Motorola)$35.49
191K37820-P12-A01 + Control Module, Engine$945.90