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82121-S0X-A01ZA 1G Cover, Rear Seat-Back Trim *NH284L* (Light Quartz Gray) is a genuine part 82121-S0X-A11ZB for 2001 Honda ODYSSEY 5-DOOR, LX, 4 Speed Automatic

HondaCover, Rear Seat-Back Trim *NH284L* (Light Quartz Gray), 82121-S0X-A01ZA
  • Manufactured: Honda
  • Part number:  82121-S0X-A01ZA
  • Part: Cover, Rear Seat-Back Trim *NH284L* (Light Quartz Gray)
  • Replaces: 82121-S0X-A11ZB
  • Price: $133.47

This part fits:

YearMakeModelEngine & TransmissionBody & Trim
1999HondaODYSSEY 5-DOOR4 Speed AutomaticLX (CAPTAIN)
2000HondaODYSSEY 5-DOOR4 Speed AutomaticLX
2001HondaODYSSEY 5-DOOR4 Speed AutomaticLX

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1GY183209-SV1-A21ZC + Base *YR114L* (Smooth Beige)$422.22
1GYS83200-SDA-305ZB + Lining, Roof*YR239L*$570.51
1GYJ83200-S01-A11ZA + Lining Assembly, Roof *NH220L* (Sunroof) (Clear Gray)$250.25
1GYX83200-SJC-A12ZB + Lining Assembly, Roof *NH220L* (Sunroof) (Clear Gray)$1,474.23
1GY983210-S01-A01ZB + Sunshade Assembly *YR98L* (Coast Sand)$226.83
1GYU83200-SDN-A04ZB + Lining Assembly, Roof *YR239L* (Ivory)$410.83
1GYI83200-S01-A01ZA + Lining Assembly, Roof *NH220L* (Clear Gray)$515.50
1GYO83200-S84-505ZB + Lining, Roof *NH302L*$429.91
1GY683200-SVA-A23ZC + Lining Assembly, Roof *YR327L* (Sliding Roof) (Pearl Ivory)$680.59
1GY083200-SNC-A03ZA + Lining Assembly, Roof *NH556L* (Grayge)$573.77
1GYT83200-SDA-A22ZB + Lining Assembly, Roof *YR239L* (Sunroof) (Ivory)$573.74
1GYZ83200-SNE-A62ZA + Lining Assembly, Roof *NH598L* (Sunroof) (Atlas Gray)$575.16
1GYV83200-SDN-A12ZA + Lining Assembly, Roof *NH220L* (Sunroof) (Clear Gray)$410.83
1GYN83200-S82-A11ZB + Lining Assembly, Roof *NH302L* (Sunroof) (Pale Quartz)$276.74
1GYG83161-SV4-A01ZA + Lining Assembly, L Cowl Side *G38L* (Jade Green)$24.50
1GYC83111-SAA-G02ZA + Lining Assembly, R Cowl Side *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$23.26
1GYP83200-S84-A22ZA + Lining Assembly, Roof *B96L* (Sunroof) (Light Lapis)$430.65
1GYY83200-SNE-A01ZA + Lining Assembly, Roof *NH598L* (Atlas Gray)$575.16
1GY283209-SV5-A01ZA + Base *NH220L* (Clear Gray)$764.78
1GYF83161-S6A-G00ZB + Lining Assembly, L Cowl Side *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$66.97
1GYQ83200-SCV-A22ZA + Lining Assembly, Roof *NH220L* (Roof Hatch) (Clear Gray)$539.87
1GYE83113-SV4-003ZB + Lock, Lid *NH120L* (Star Black)$1.83
1GYH83161-SV4-A01ZB + Lining Assembly, L Cowl Side *NH178L* (Excel Charcoal)$24.50
1GYR83200-SCV-A12ZA + Lining Assembly, Roof *NH220L* (Clear Gray)$539.87
1GY583200-SWA-A02ZC + Lining Assembly, Roof *YR327L* (Pearl Ivory)$553.36
1GY883201-STW-A13ZB + Lining Assembly, Roof *NH220L* (Sunroof) (Clear Gray)$795.93
1GY783200-SWA-A52ZA + Lining Assembly, Roof *NH302L* (Sunroof) (Pale Quartz)$684.36
1GYL83200-S5D-A53ZA + Lining Assembly, Roof *NH220L* (Sunroof) (Clear Gray)$660.83
1GY383209-SV2-A21ZB + Base *NH220L* (Clear Gray)$334.82
1GYM83200-S5S-E20ZB + Lining Assembly, Roof *NH220L* (Sunroof) (Clear Gray)$686.81
1GYW83200-SHJ-A02ZA + Lining Assembly, Roof *G64L* (Olive)$1,425.97
1GY483200-SVA-A12ZB + Lining Assembly, Roof *NH598L* (Atlas Gray)$680.59
1GYB83111-S5A-A00ZD + Lining Assembly, R Cowl Side *YR239L* (Ivory)$20.42
1GYK83200-S5D-A02ZA + Lining Assembly, Roof *NH220L* (Clear Gray)$528.66
1G2A83780-S5T-A02ZA + Lining Assembly, L Rear Side *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$423.33
1G2D93891-06020-08 + Screw-Washer (6X20)$1.28
1G2195701-06016-08 + Bolt, Flange (6X16)$0.94
1G2S94050-10080 + Nut, Flange (10MM)$1.11
1G2J93903-24120 + Screw, Tapping (4X8)$0.52
1G2X95001-55008-60M + Bulk Hose, Fuel (5.5X8000)$52.75
1G2995701-06110-08 + Bolt, Flange (6X110)$2.18
1G2U94111-08800 + Washer, Spring (8MM)$0.55
1G2I93903-25180 + Screw, Tapping (5X10)$0.52
1G2O94001-08000-0S + Nut, Hex (8MM)$0.62
1G2695701-06030-08 + Bolt, Flange (6X30)$1.28
1G2095701-06012-08 + Bolt, Flange (6X12)$1.04
1G2T94071-10080 + Nut-Washer (10MM)$1.17
1G2Z95003-33003-10M + Bulk Hose, Vinyl (10X14X3000)$23.61
1G2V94111-10800 + Washer, Spring (10MM)$0.67
1G2N94001-06080-0S + Nut, Hex (6MM)$0.74
1G2G93901-15180 + Screw, Tapping (5X10)$0.52
1G2C83780-SF1-A01ZF + Lining, L Side *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$101.78
1G2P94001-08070-0S + Nut, Hex (8MM)$0.76
1G2Y95003-07008-60M + Bulk Hose, Vinyl (4X7X8000)$14.17
1G2295701-06014-08 + Bolt, Flange (6X14)$0.94
1G2F93893-04010-08 + Screw-Washer (4X10)$0.79
1G2Q94001-10080-0S + Nut, Hex (10MM)$0.86
1G2E93892-05008-08 + Screw-Washer (5X8)$0.61
1G2H93901-22220 + Screw, Tapping (3X10)$0.52
1G2R94002-08000-0S + Nut, Hex (8MM)$0.76
1G2595701-06022-08 + Bolt, Flange (6X22)$1.02
1G2895701-06080-08 + Bolt, Flange (6X80)$1.47
1G2795701-06045-08 + Bolt, Flange (6X45)$1.28
1G2L93903-45380 + Screw, Tapping (5X16)$0.52
1G2395701-06018-08 + Bolt, Flange (6X18)$0.94
1G2M93915-24380 + Screw, Tapping (4X14) (Po)$0.55
1G2W94201-20350 + Pin, Split (2.0X35)$0.73
1G2495701-06020-08 + Bolt, Flange (6X20)$0.25
1G2B83780-S5P-A01ZC + Lining Assembly, L Side *YR169L* (Mild Beige)$116.93
1G2K93903-45320 + Screw, Tapping (5X16)$0.52