Page 8 (1GFA1GEK) Cover, Rear Seat-Back Trim *NH284L* (Light Quartz Gray) (1G) Manufacturer Part Number 82121-S0X-A01ZA

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82121-S0X-A01ZA 1G Cover, Rear Seat-Back Trim *NH284L* (Light Quartz Gray) is a genuine part 82121-S0X-A11ZB for 2001 Honda ODYSSEY 5-DOOR, LX, 4 Speed Automatic

HondaCover, Rear Seat-Back Trim *NH284L* (Light Quartz Gray), 82121-S0X-A01ZA
  • Manufactured: Honda
  • Part number:  82121-S0X-A01ZA
  • Part: Cover, Rear Seat-Back Trim *NH284L* (Light Quartz Gray)
  • Replaces: 82121-S0X-A11ZB
  • Price: $133.47

This part fits:

YearMakeModelEngine & TransmissionBody & Trim
1999HondaODYSSEY 5-DOOR4 Speed AutomaticLX (CAPTAIN)
2000HondaODYSSEY 5-DOOR4 Speed AutomaticLX
2001HondaODYSSEY 5-DOOR4 Speed AutomaticLX

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1GFB04635-S5A-406ZZ + Panel Set, R Front (Outer)$568.81
1GFK04635-SJC-A01ZZ + Panel Set, R Front (Outer)$1,253.50
1GQA17378-S3Y-010 + Stay, Dust Filter$18.13
1GQD17500-S0X-305 + Tank Comp, Fuel$789.25
1GQ117551-S0X-A52 + Valve, Vent Shut (Orvr)$121.40
1GQS17521-S0X-A01 + Band, R Front Fuel Tank Mounting$340.04
1GQJ17500-SCA-A31 + Tank, Fuel$5,192.23
1GQX17525-SR3-305 + Bolt$3.77
1GQ917650-S0X-A53 + Pipe Assembly, Fuel Filler$306.56
1GQU17521-SM1-030 + Band Assembly, R Fuel Tank Mounting$44.10
1GQI17500-S5A-A35 + Tank, Fuel$1,930.19
1GQO17516-S84-A01 + Filter Set, Fuel Pump$28.11
1GQ617579-S84-A02 + Plate, Setting$12.49
1GQ017549-SHJ-A01 + Tube Set, Float Vent Shut Valve$122.51
1GQT17521-S5A-931 + Band, Fuel Tank Mounting$58.78
1GQZ17548-SHJ-A31 + Tube Set, Vent Return$25.30
1GQV17522-SDR-L31 + Band, L Fuel Tank Mounting$34.07
1GQN17500-SX0-A31 + Tank, Fuel$659.46
1GQG17500-S3Y-505 + Tank, Fuel$364.39
1GQC17500-S02-L01 + Tank, Fuel$439.19
1GQP17519-S2A-A32 + Protector, Fuel Tank$124.28
1GQY17542-S5W-A00ZZ + Plate Comp Fuel Join$116.78
1GQ217551-S3Y-A02 + Valve, Vent Shut (Orvr)$121.40
1GQF17500-SS0-505 + Set, Fuel Tank Com$486.98
1GQQ17519-S5A-940 + Protector, Fuel Tank$58.05
1GQE17500-S10-L02 + Tank, Fuel$524.98
1GQH17500-S2A-505 + Tank, Fuel$425.88
1GQR17520-SDR-A31 + Bracket, Rear Connector$7.35
1GQ517576-S9V-Y00 + Guard, Fuel Tank$116.60
1GQ817650-S0X-A02 + Pipe Assembly, Fuel Filler$311.08
1GQ717630-S84-316 + Meter Assembly, Fuel$99.91
1GQL17500-SDA-A03 + Tank, Fuel$309.18
1GQ317574-SE0-000 + Gasket, Base$7.71
1GQM17500-SDC-L03 + Tank, Fuel$523.00
1GQW17525-S04-A00 + Bolt, R Fuel Tank Mounting$7.13
1GQ417574-SV1-L01 + Gasket, Base$14.00
1GQB17380-S5A-A32 + Module, Fuel Vent$80.56
1GQK17500-SCV-A31 + Tank, Fuel$409.01
1GEA04603-S9V-307ZZ + Cross-member Set, Front Bulkhead (Lower)$318.73
1GED04603-SJC-305ZZ + Cross-member Set, Front$256.10
1GE104615-SCV-A20ZZ + Plate Set, L Front Side Back$236.98
1GES04610-SCV-A20ZZ + Plate Set, R Front Side Back$236.98
1GEJ04606-SVB-C00ZZ + Bracket Set, R Front Sub-Frame (Front)$84.87
1GEX04611-S9V-305ZZ + Bhd Set L, Front Side$79.64
1GE904631-S2A-A91ZZ + Panel, R Side Sill (DOT)$283.23
1GEU04611-S01-A01ZZ + Panel Set, L Front Bulkhead$65.12
1GEI04606-S5D-A00ZZ + Panel Set, R Front Side (Outer)$260.23
1GEO04609-SHJ-A02ZZ + Member Set, L Front Extension (Lower)$28.38
1GE604617-SV4-V50ZZ + Member Set, L Dashboard (Upper)$134.14
1GE004611-SWA-A01ZZ + Panel Set, L Front Bulkhead$105.41
1GET04610-SDA-A01ZZ + Plate Set, R Front Side Back$96.36
1GEZ04611-SB3-661ZZ + Panel Set, L Front Bulkhead$41.68
1GEV04611-S0X-305ZZ + Bhd Set L, Front Side$88.82
1GEN04610-S0X-A01ZZ + Extension Set, R Front Side$143.67
1GEG04605-SV4-300ZZ + Outrigger Set, L Front Side$77.22
1GEC04603-SHJ-A01ZZ + Cross-member Set, Front Bulkhead (Lower)$177.35
1GEP04610-S5A-A02ZZ + Extension Set, R Front Side$95.98
1GEY04611-SB0-674ZZ + Panel Set, L Front Bulkhead$71.83
1GE204615-SDC-A21ZZ + Plate Set, L Front Side Back$99.36
1GEF04605-S5A-A01ZZ + Outrigger Set, L Front Side$70.66
1GEQ04610-S84-A01ZZ + Extension Set, R Front Side$103.12
1GEE04604-S10-A01ZZ + Stay Set, Bulkhead Center$35.77
1GEH04605-SX0-310ZZ + Outrigger Set, L Front Side$81.68
1GER04610-S87-A01ZZ + Extension Set, R Front Side$111.67
1GE504620-SDA-A90ZZ + Panel Set, R Front Fender (DOT)$238.95
1GE804631-S5P-415ZZ + Panel, R Side Sill$501.40
1GE704631-S0X-405ZZ + Panel, R Side Sill$535.77
1GEL04606-SCV-A01ZZ + Bracket Set, R Front Sub-Frame$125.38
1GE304616-SCV-A01ZZ + Bracket Set, L Front Sub-Frame$125.38
1GEM04606-SVB-A01ZZ + Bracket Set, R Front Sub-Frame (Front)$84.87
1GEW04611-S5T-G02ZZ + Panel Set, L Front Bulkhead$144.79
1GE404620-SDN-A90ZZ + Panel Set, R Front Fender (DOT)$255.18
1GEB04603-SDB-A01ZZ + Cross-member Set, Front Bulkhead (Lower)$111.36
1GEK04606-SNA-A01ZZ + Bracket Set, R Front Sub-Frame (Front)$78.82