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82131-SHJ-A43ZA 1S Cover, R Rear Seat Cushion Trim *G64L* (Leather) (Olive) is a genuine part 82131-SHJ-A42ZA for 2010 Honda ODYSSEY 5-DOOR, EXL, EXL (RES NAV), EXL (RES), 5 Speed Automatic

HondaCover, R Rear Seat Cushion Trim *G64L* (Leather) (Olive), 82131-SHJ-A43ZA
  • Manufactured: Honda
  • Part number:  82131-SHJ-A43ZA
  • Part: Cover, R Rear Seat Cushion Trim *G64L* (Leather) (Olive)
  • Replaces: 82131-SHJ-A42ZA
  • Price: $394.09

This part fits:

YearMakeModelEngine & TransmissionBody & Trim
2007HondaODYSSEY 5-DOOR5 Speed AutomaticEXL, EXL (RES NAV), EXL (RES), EXL-T, EXL-T (RES NAV)
2008HondaODYSSEY 5-DOOR5 Speed AutomaticEXL, EXL (RES NAV), EXL (RES), EXL-T, EXL-T (PAX)
2009HondaODYSSEY 5-DOOR5 Speed AutomaticEXL, EXL (RES NAV), EXL (RES), EXL-T, EXL-T (PAX)
2010HondaODYSSEY 5-DOOR5 Speed AutomaticEXL, EXL (RES NAV), EXL (RES)

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1SPD72160-TA5-A02ZA + Handle Assembly, L Inside *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$25.87
1SP174895-TA5-A01ZF + Garnish Assembly, Trunk (Lower) *NH700M* (Alabaster Silver Metallic)$275.10
1SPS73111-TA6-A00 + Glass Set, Front Windshield (Green) (Asahi)$777.46
1SPJ72320-S2A-043 + Weatherstrip, Front Roof Pillar$281.78
1SPX74130-TA5-A01 + Wire Assembly, Hood$11.73
1SP976810-S2A-A03ZS + Nozzle Assembly, R Windshield Washer *NH745M* (Synchronizer Silver Metallic)$18.07
1SPU73300-TA5-A10 + Glass Assembly, R Front Door (Green)(Ln)$227.92
1SPI72315-TA5-A01ZA + Seal, R Front Door Opening *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$72.45
1SPO72425-S2A-013 + Film, Front Wind Exterior (Upper)$58.43
1SP676505-TE0-A02 + Motor, Front Wiper$91.86
1SP074554-TE0-A01 + Seal, L Quarter Hole$27.40
1SPT73150-TA5-A01 + Molding, Front Windshield$36.01
1SPZ74401-TA5-A00 + Tape, R Side Sill Protection$3.04
1SPV73211-TA5-A01 + Glass Set, Rear Windshield (Green) (Asahi)$854.39
1SPN72442-TA5-A01ZA + Garnish, R Front Door Sash (Inner) *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$38.25
1SPG72250-TA0-A12 + Regulator Assembly, L Front Door Power$296.79
1SPC72112-SDN-A03 + Set Lock, R Front Dr S$63.22
1SPP72810-TA5-A02 + Weatherstrip, R Rear Door$42.52
1SPY74150-TE0-A01 + Fender Assembly, L Front (Inner)$28.04
1SP274873-TA0-003 + Clip, Trunk Opener Spring$3.04
1SPF72250-TE0-A12 + Regulator Assembly, L Front Door Power$326.39
1SPQ72815-TA5-A01ZA + Seal, R Rear Door Opening *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$53.77
1SPE72235-TE0-A02 + Channel, R Front Door Run$33.90
1SPH72310-TA5-A02 + Weatherstrip, R Front Door$33.96
1SPR72821-TA0-A00 + Seal, R Rear Door Hole$20.34
1SP576200-S2A-A03ZS + Mirror Assembly, R Door *NH745M*(R.C.) (Synchronizer Silver Metallic)$324.96
1SP876505-TA0-A02 + Motor, Front Wiper$95.25
1SP776258-TA5-A01 + Mirror Assembly, L (R.C.)(Flat)$128.81
1SPL72410-TE0-A02 + Molding Assembly, R Front Do$66.08
1SP374970-SHJ-A63 + Control Unit, Power Tailgate$478.32
1SPM72427-S2A-013 + Film, R Front Pillar Exterior$51.35
1SPW73405-TA5-A00 + Glass, R Rear Door Quarter (Green)(Ln)$81.38
1SP476200-SVA-C21ZB + Mirror Assembly, R Door *B536P* (R.C.)(Heated) (Royal Blue Pearl)$222.20
1SPB72110-TE0-A12 + Latch Assembly, R Front Door Power$59.41
1SPK72321-TA0-A02 + Seal, R Front Door Hole$20.34
1SYA04641-TK6-A11ZZ + Panel, L Side Sill$188.95
1SYD04811-TK6-A12ZB + Cover Set, R Trim *NH747L* (Side Airbag) (Kirabi Gray)$516.19
1SY171800-TF0-J01ZR + Garnish Assembly, R Side Sill *NH731P* (Crystal Black Pearl)$349.35
1SYS39980-TK6-307 + Eps Unit$668.37
1SYJ10003-RP3-A03 + General Assembly, Cylinder Head$3,810.14
1SYX51601-SVB-A08 + Shock Absorber Assembly, R Front$318.43
1SY983742-TF0-033ZA + Cover, R Rear Door Grip *NH167L* (Power Window) (Graphite Black)$20.42
1SYU44014-T5E-000 + Joint Set, Outboard$245.57
1SYI04823-TK6-A01ZA + Buckle Set, R Rear Seat Belt *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$74.62
1SYO31204-RB0-003 + Switch Assembly, Magnet$215.50
1SY682620-TJ0-M01 + Lock Assembly, L Rear Seat$97.48
1SY063720-TK6-315ZZ + Gutter, L Rear Pillar$100.42
1SYT44014-TK6-A02 + Joint Set, Outboard$300.83
1SYZ62100-TK6-305ZZ + Panel Comp, Roof$780.81
1SYV44517-TF0-J00 + Cover, Heat$50.56
1SYN31200-RB1-013 + Starter Motor Assembly (Dskew) (Denso)$664.73
1SYG04746-TK6-010 + Stay Set, L Tailgate Open (Coo)$96.73
1SYC04635-TK6-A01ZZ + Panel Set, R Front (Outer)$420.72
1SYP31500-SNC-00100M + Battery (44B19L-S) (GR151R)(340CCA)(57RC)$123.23
1SYY53601-TK6-A03 + Box, Steering Gear$1,240.87
1SY276800-T0A-P20 + Tube 500$2.48
1SYF04813-TK6-A01ZA + Buckle Set, R Front Seat Belt *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$90.73
1SYQ33127-SNB-C11 + Cover$21.16
1SYE04715-TK6-A91ZZ + Face, Rear Bumper (DOT)$203.33
1SYH04815-TK6-A01ZA + Cover Set, L Trim *NH747L* (Side Airbag) (Kirabi Gray)$516.19
1SYR35850-SMA-J11 + Bulb Comp$5.98
1SY582592-TF0-J02ZA + Cap, L Rear Seat Cover (Lower)*NH167L* (Graphite Black)$11.63
1SY883541-TF0-013ZA + Base, R Front Door Grip *NH167L* (Power Window) (Graphite Black)$14.89
1SY783530-TK6-315ZB + Lining, R Front *NH747L*$315.27
1SYL2-90800-003-0 + Hose Flex, Rear B$20.83
1SY377103-TF0-G01ZA + Panel, Instrument *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$425.16
1SYM30520-RB0-S01 + Coil Assembly, Plug Top$122.22
1SYW51350-TK6-A01 + Arm Assembly, R Front (Lower)$196.30
1SY480215-TK4-A41 + Evaporator Sub-Assembly$174.18
1SYB04646-TK6-A81ZZ + Panel Set, L Rear (Outer) (DOT)$531.47
1SYK19010-RN0-A52 + Radiator (Denso)$358.02
1S2A81127-TM8-A02 + Pad, R Front Seat-Back (With Opds Sensor)$347.97
1S2D81140-TM8-A02ZB + Headrest Assembly, Front *NH751L* (Pale Warm Gray)$133.49
1S2172321-SHJ-A10 + Seal, R Front$44.97
1S2S84601-TM8-A02ZA + Lining, R *NH686L*$217.11
1S2J83200-TM8-A02ZA + Lining Assembly, Roof *NH686L* (Warm Gray)$461.88
1S2X47105-SLN-A02ZA + Lever Assembly *NH167L*$63.14
1S2944014-S87-A53 + Cv Joint Set$301.59
1S2U44018-TF6-N03 + Boot Set, Outboard$32.46
1S2I82940-TM8-A02ZB + Headrest Assembly, Rear Center *NH751L* (Pale Warm Gray)$125.24
1S2O83780-TM8-A03ZA + Lining, L Rear Door *NH751L* (Pale Warm Gray)$322.50
1S2604646-S0X-405ZZ + Panel Set, L Rear (Outer) (DOT)$1,003.74
1S2060400-TK6-A01ZZ + Bulkhead, Front$297.95
1S2T25211-RYE-016 + Hose (200MM) (Atf) (Nichirin)$7.07
1S2Z61100-TK6-A00ZZ + Dashboard (Upper)$396.72
1S2V44018-S0A-C02 + Cv Boot Set, Outboard$32.46
1S2N83580-TM8-A03ZA + Lining, L Front Door *NH751L* (Pale Warm Gray)$359.79
1S2G82140-TM8-G02ZA + Headrest *B157L*$125.24
1S2C80541-TM8-A02 + Hose, Aspirator$7.94
1S2P84435-TM8-A02ZA + Garnish Assembly, R Tailgate Side *NH686L* (Warm Gray)$24.75
1S2Y54102-SLN-013 + Knob, Change Lever$55.87
1S2273211-TF0-E02 + Glass Set, Rear Windshield (Green)(AGC)$739.49
1S2F81526-TM8-A02 + Frame, L Front Seat$843.48
1S2Q84440-TM8-A02ZA + Lining (Lower) *NH686L*$87.39
1S2E81166-TM8-A02 + Slide Assembly, Sws$578.87
1S2H82220-TM8-A02ZB + Lock Assembly, R Rear Seat *NH686L* (Warm Gray)$72.79
1S2R84460-TM8-G01ZC + Trim, Rear Windshield *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$19.20
1S2580311-SAA-Y01 + Hose, Suction$128.45
1S2836531-RZA-013 + Sensor, Air Fuel Ratio$184.27
1S2731180-P8F-A03 + Pulley Comp, Idler$18.30
1S2L83450-TM8-A12ZB + Console, Center *NH751L* (Pale Warm Gray)$334.39
1S2372821-SHJ-A10 + Seal, R$44.97
1S2M84101-TM8-A02ZA + Garnish Assembly, R Front Pillar *NH686L* (Warm Gray)$37.50
1S2W44732-SNC-A01 + Cap Assembly, Aluminum Wheel Center$50.58
1S2472861-SHJ-A10 + Seal, L$44.97
1S2B81126-TM8-A02 + Frame, R Front Seat$843.48
1S2K83111-TM8-A02ZA + Lining Assembly, R Cowl Side *NH686L* (Warm Gray)$36.00