Page 3 (AL9AALIK) Garnish Assembly, R Center Pillar (Lower) *G49L* (Light Fern Green) (AL) Manufacturer Part Number 84121-S0X-A02ZA

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AL Garnish Assembly, R Center Pillar (Lower) *G49L* (Light Fern Green), replace 84121-S0X-A00ZA, 84121-S0X-A01ZA 84121-S0X-A00ZA, 84121-S0X-A01ZA for 2002 Honda ODYSSEY 5-DOOR, EX, EXL (LEATHER NAV), EXL (LEATHER RES), EXL (LEATHER), LX, 5 Speed Automatic

HondaGarnish Assembly, R Center Pillar (Lower) *G49L* (Light Fern Green), 84121-S0X-A02ZA
  • Manufactured: Honda
  • Part number:  84121-S0X-A02ZA
  • Part: Garnish Assembly, R Center Pillar (Lower) *G49L* (Light Fern Green)
  • Replaces: 84121-S0X-A00ZA, 84121-S0X-A01ZA
  • Price: $81.68

This part fits:

YearMakeModelEngine & TransmissionBody & Trim
1999HondaODYSSEY 5-DOOR4 Speed AutomaticEX, LX (CAPTAIN)
2000HondaODYSSEY 5-DOOR4 Speed AutomaticEX, EX (NAVIGATION), LX
2001HondaODYSSEY 5-DOOR4 Speed AutomaticEX, EX (NAVIGATION), LX

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AL9237820-PLM-417 + Control Module, Eng$726.30
AL9F47105-SLN-A02ZA + Lever Assembly *NH167L*$63.14
AL9Q36531-RZA-013 + Sensor, Air Fuel Ratio$184.27
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AL9444014-SVB-A02 + Joint Set, Outboard$147.33
AL9B25211-RYE-016 + Hose (200MM) (Atf) (Nichirin)$7.07
AL9K73211-TF0-E02 + Glass Set, Rear Windshield (Green)(AGC)$739.49
ALUA44305-TA1-A00 + Drive Shaft Assembly, R$441.56
ALUD44305-TE1-A00 + Drive Shaft Assembly, R$185.63
ALU152748-SNA-A10 + Rubber, Rear Spring Seat (Lower)$22.02
ALUS51210-TA0-020 + Knuckle, R Front$297.00
ALUJ50200-TA1-A02 + Sub-Frame, Front$788.58
ALUX51620-TA1-A05 + Shock Absorber Assembly, L Front$156.58
ALU956483-R40-A02 + Shaft, Power Steering Pump$31.96
ALUU51300-TA6-A01 + Spring, Front Stabilizer$59.68
ALUI47105-TA0-A03ZA + Lever Assembly, Parking Brake *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$92.96
ALUO50835-TA0-A02 + Stopper, Front Engine Mount$18.31
ALU653601-TA6-A02 + Rack, Power Steering$955.81
ALU053200-SNA-A06 + Column Assembly, Steering$360.44
ALUT51300-TA5-A01 + Spring, Front Stabilizer$59.68
ALUZ52387-SJA-010 + Plate, Cam (M12)$5.44
ALUV51402-STK-A02 + Cover, R Front Dust$11.81
ALUN50830-TA0-A02 + Rubber Assembly, Front Engine Mounting$132.17
ALUG45251-TA1-A01 + Disk, Front Brake$115.01
ALUC44306-TE1-A00 + Drive Shaft Assembly, L$185.63
ALUP50870-TA0-A13 + Rubber Assembly, Transmission Mounting (Upper)$149.93
ALUY52306-TA0-A02 + Bush, Rear Stabilizer Holder$3.16
ALU252722-TK4-A01 + Rubber, Rear Bump Stop$6.39
ALUF45022-TA5-X00 + Pad Set, Front$56.22
ALUQ50870-TA0-A03 + Rubber Assembly, Transmission Mounting (Upper)$166.78
ALUE44733-TA5-A00 + Trim, Wheel (16")$37.62
ALUH45251-TA5-A00 + Disk, Front Brake$108.52
ALUR50850-TA0-A02 + Rubber, Transmission Mounting Insulator (Lower)$28.66
ALU553601-TA0-A02 + Rack, Power Steering$1,050.09
ALU853713-TA6-A04 + Hose, Power Steering Feed$147.86
ALU753713-TA0-A04 + Hose, Power Steering Feed$147.86
ALUL50810-TA0-A12 + Rubber Assembly, Rear Engine Mounting$107.87
ALU353319-S2A-A02 + Shaft, Steering$137.15
ALUM50810-TA0-A02 + Rubber Assembly, Rear Engine Mounting$64.35
ALUW51610-TE1-A13 + Shock Absorber Assembly, R Front$140.94
ALU453200-TA0-A12 + Column Assembly, Steering$356.55
ALUB44310-TA1-A10 + Joint, Inboard$213.74
ALUK50650-TA0-A12 + Bracket, Transmission Mounting(Lower)$11.14
ALIA83280-S9A-A02ZA + Sun-visor Assembly, L *NH425L* (Mirror) (Light Seagull Gray)$100.46
ALID83280-SDB-A02ZA + Sun-visor*NH220L*$142.11
ALI183402-S9V-A01ZZ + Bracket, Front Console$29.57
ALIS83331-SNA-A01 + Duct Assembly, Rear Heater$17.11
ALIJ83301-SCV-A30ZA + Carpet Assembly, Front Floor *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$382.65
ALIX83401-S84-A01ZF + Console, Center *NH264L* (Classy Gray)$207.37
ALI983405-SV4-A03ZE + Armrest Assembly, Rear *YR169L* (Mild Beige)$304.43
ALIU83332-S9A-A01 + Duct, Rear Heater Joint$14.26
ALII83299-S84-A02ZB + Hanger, Coat *NH302L* (Pale Quartz)$6.98
ALIO83302-SHJ-A02ZA + Carpet, Rear Floor *G64L* (Olive)$497.40
ALI683404-SNA-A02ZA + Box, Console (Lower) *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$24.75
ALI083402-S2A-J63ZA + Armrest, Center Console *NH167L* (Leather) (Graphite Black)$216.85
ALIT83332-S5A-A01 + Duct, L Joint$85.03
ALIZ83401-SNA-A02ZD + Panel *NH556L*$43.87
ALIV83333-SWA-A02 + Duct, Rear Heater Joint (B)$28.68
ALIN83302-SDA-A12ZA + Carpet, Rear Floor *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$198.07
ALIG83280-SWA-A83ZB + Sun-visor Assembly, L *NH643L* (Mirror) (Light Gray)$88.13
ALIC83280-SDB-A02ZB + Sun-visor*YR239L*$142.11
ALIP83305-S3Y-J01ZD + Mat Assembly, Middle *YR302L* (Medium Titan)$157.04
ALIY83401-SNA-A02ZB + Panel *YR327L*$43.87
ALI283402-SNA-A02ZB + Panel *YR327L*$43.87
ALIF83280-SWA-A83ZA + Sun-visor Assembly, L *NH302L* (Mirror) (Pale Quartz)$88.13
ALIQ83331-S0X-A01 + Duct, Rear Heater$57.83
ALIE83280-SLN-A02ZA + Sun-visor Assembly, L *NH220L* (Mirror) (Clear Gray)$91.48
ALIH83280-SX0-A01ZC + Sun-visor Assembly, L *YR169L* (Mild Beige)$134.94
ALIR83331-SCV-A01 + Duct Assembly, Rear Heater$41.79
ALI583403-SNA-A02ZA + Box, Console (Upper) *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$20.94
ALI883405-SNA-A02ZC + Garnish, Rear *NH556L*$13.87
ALI783405-SNA-A02ZB + Garnish, Rear *YR327L*$13.87
ALIL83301-SNX-A02ZA + Carpet, Floor *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$254.01
ALI383403-S02-A11ZA + Lid, Rear Console *NH178L* (Excel Charcoal)$68.61
ALIM83301-SVA-A02ZA + Carpet, Floor *NH598L* (Atlas Gray)$315.68
ALIW83401-S30-003ZD + Console, Center *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$160.54
ALI483403-S9V-A02ZZ + Bracket, Rear Center Console$53.50
ALIB83280-S9A-A02ZB + Sun-visor Assembly, L *YR204L* (Mirror) (Light Saddle)$100.46
ALIK83301-SDA-A13ZA + Carpet, Front Floor *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$332.42