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J8 04635-S5P-415ZZ, old number 04635-S5P-A00ZZ, 04635-S5P-405ZZ, Panel Set, R Front (Outer), ex. 04635-S5P-A00ZZ, 04635-S5P-405ZZ for 2005 Honda CIVIC COUPE, DX (VALUE PACKAGE), DX (VP SIDE SRS), EX, EX (SIDE SRS), EX (SPEC.ED/SIDESRS), EX (SPECIAL EDITION), HX, HX (SIDE SRS), LX, LX (SIDE SRS), LX (SPECIAL EDITION), 4 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed Manual, Variable

HondaPanel Set, R Front (Outer), 04635-S5P-415ZZ
  • Manufactured: Honda
  • Part number:  04635-S5P-415ZZ
  • Part: Panel Set, R Front (Outer)
  • Replaces: 04635-S5P-A00ZZ, 04635-S5P-405ZZ
  • Price: $868.78

This part fits:

YearMakeModelEngine & TransmissionBody & Trim
2001HondaCIVIC COUPE4 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed Manual, VariableDX, DX (SIDE SRS), EX, EX (SIDE SRS), HX, HX (SIDE SRS), LX, LX (SIDE SRS)
2002HondaCIVIC COUPE4 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed Manual, VariableDX, DX (SIDE SRS), EX, EX (SIDE SRS), HX, HX (SIDE SRS), LX, LX (SIDE SRS)
2003HondaCIVIC COUPE4 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed Manual, VariableDX, DX (SIDE SRS), EX, EX (SIDE SRS), HX, HX (SIDE SRS), LX, LX (SIDE SRS)
2004HondaCIVIC COUPE4 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed Manual, VariableDX, DX (SIDE SRS), DX (VALUE PKG), DX (VP SIDE SRS), EX, EX (SIDE SRS), HX, HX (SIDE SRS), LX, LX (SIDE SRS)

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Catalog NumberPart NumberImagePart NamePrice
J8AA65140-S82-A01ZZ + Sill, R Front Inside$380.53
J8AD65140-SR8-A01ZZ + Sill, R Front Inside$66.78
J8A165660-S01-A03ZZ + Frame, L Rear$349.38
J8AS65610-S0X-A01ZZ + Frame, R Rear$801.75
J8AJ65190-S01-A91ZZ + Sill, L Front Inside$69.05
J8AX65611-S2A-306ZZ + Frame, R Rear$179.91
J8A965690-S01-A00ZZ + Extension, L Side Sill$121.38
J8AU65610-S9A-A10ZZ + Frame, R Rear$527.58
J8AI65190-S4K-A01ZZ + Sill, L Front Inside$182.45
J8AO65513-SE0-A01ZZ + Stiffener, Rear Jack$41.18
J8A665660-S9V-A02ZZ + Frame, L Rear$549.70
J8A065640-S00-A01ZZ + Extension, R Side Sill$117.32
J8AT65610-S84-A00ZZ + Frame, R Rear$595.17
J8AZ65617-S5B-A01ZZ + Frame B, Rear$51.75
J8AV65610-SV4-306ZZ + Frame R, Rear$596.02
J8AN65510-S2A-A02ZZ + Floor, Rear$664.43
J8AG65190-S00-A01ZZ + Sill, L Front Inside$60.56
J8AC65140-SR0-A01ZZ + Sill, R Front Inside$133.55
J8AP65517-S2A-A01ZZ + Pan, Baggage$156.03
J8AY65612-S0X-A01ZZ + Outrigger, R Rear Side Frame$21.00
J8A265660-S10-A01ZZ + Frame, L Rear$432.49
J8AF65169-S9V-A00ZZ + Stiffener, L Floor Panel$109.47
J8AQ65525-S10-310ZZ + Cross-member, Rear Center (Upper)$29.15
J8AE65141-S5D-A00ZZ + Sill, R Front Inside$114.54
J8AH65190-S84-A02ZZ + Sill, L Front Inside$337.82
J8AR65610-S00-A01ZZ + Frame, R Rear$350.46
J8A565660-S5T-A01ZZ + Frame, L Rear$1,094.82
J8A865676-SJC-A01ZZ + Flange, L Rear Floor Frame End$26.72
J8A765670-SH5-A01ZZ + Outrigger, L Middle Cross-member$44.55
J8AL65190-SCV-305ZZ + Sill Comp L, Front In$129.74
J8A365660-S04-Q03ZZ + Frame, L Rear$328.56
J8AM65190-SVA-A02ZZ + Sill, L Front Inside$783.89
J8AW65610-SV5-305ZZ + Frame, R Rear$76.76
J8A465660-S2A-306ZZ + Frame, L Rear$799.35
J8AB65140-SDN-A31ZZ + Sill, R Front Inside$281.67
J8AK65190-SH2-A51ZZ + Sill, L Front Inside$99.50
J8DA69100-S2A-901ZZ + Panel, Hardtop$3,387.80
J8DD70060-SNA-A01 + Tube, Rear Drain (Sunroof)$7.81
J8D170690-SB0-671ZZ + Wheelhouse, L Rear$114.32
J8DS70338-SR3-013 + Slider, L$5.76
J8DJ70200-S9A-J01 + Glass Assembly, Roof$350.27
J8DX70600-S9A-J01ZA + Sunshade Assembly, Sunroof *NH425L* (Light Seagull Gray)$378.72
J8D971121-S00-A01ZL + Base, Front Grille *NH533* (Bumper Dark Gray)$37.14
J8DU70450-SVA-A02 + Motor Assembly, Sunroof$391.42
J8DI70200-S5S-305 + Set, Roof Glass$318.93
J8DO79211-S0X-A51 + Gasket C$28.22
J8D671110-S6A-E01 + Air Spoiler, Front Bp$103.27
J8D070670-SA6-673ZZ + Panel, L Rear (Inner)$258.15
J8DT70414-SB6-310ZZ + Gutter, L Roof Side$30.56
J8DZ70635-SF1-010 + Cover, L Rail$9.09
J8DV70480-SB6-671ZZ + Gutter, L Rear$40.18
J8DN70200-SM4-000 + Glass Assembly, Roof (Sunroof)$560.60
J8DG70200-S01-A01 + Glass Assembly, Roof$508.21
J8DC70060-SM4-010 + Tube, Rear Drain (Sunroof)$18.25
J8DP70220-SB4-661ZZ + Sill, R Front Inside$111.38
J8DY70600-SJC-A02ZA + Sunshade *G66L*$200.61
J8D271101-SE5-A00 + Face, Front Bumper$460.14
J8DF70200-S5A-J33 + Glass Assembly, Roof$638.06
J8DQ70260-SB0-663ZZ + Frame, L Rear$179.25
J8DE70062-S84-A00 + Valve, Rear Drain (Sunroof)$3.71
J8DH70200-S5P-A02 + Glass Assembly, Roof$638.06
J8DR70336-S30-J11 + Stay, L Panel$72.90
J8D571108-S2A-010 + Seal, Front Bumper$25.48
J8D871120-S30-003ZB + Grille, Front Bumper *NH72* (Black Gloss 30)$128.13
J8D771110-SNA-A90 + Spoiler, Front Bumper Air$80.00
J8DL70200-SJC-A02 + Glass Assembly, Roof$372.08
J8D371106-SDR-A10 + Guide, Front Bumper Air$37.79
J8DM70200-SV4-J01 + Glass Assembly, Roof (Sunroof)$713.54
J8DW70570-SB4-661ZZ + Panel, R Rear (Inner)$98.47
J8D471106-SH2-A02 + Bracket, Front License Plate$5.66
J8DB70052-S30-000 + Valve, Front Drain (Sunroof)$10.77
J8DK70200-SDC-305 + Glass Assembly, Sunroof$636.16
J81A84505-SNE-A02ZA + Tray, Rear *NH598L* (Atlas Gray)$223.85
J81D84514-SM2-A01ZB + Cover Assembly, R Gusset *NH89L* (Palmy Gray)$38.64
J81184640-SHJ-A02ZA + Lining Assembly, Rear Panel *G64L* (Olive)$42.89
J81S84620-SCV-A02ZA + Lining, R Side Base *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$271.98
J81J84521-S5B-A01 + Lid, Spare Tire$157.34
J81X84630-SDR-A03ZA + Garnish Assembly, Trunk Lid *NH85L* (Gray Eleven)$213.74
J81984651-SNC-A03ZA + Lining Assembly, L Trunk Side *NH554L* (Stone Gray)$125.99
J81U84621-S30-000ZA + Floor Mat, Trunk *NH85L* (Gray Eleven)$155.30
J81I84521-S84-A00ZA + Lid, Spare Tire *NH85L* (Gray Eleven)$133.41
J81O84610-S9V-305ZB + Lining, R Rear *NH361L*$263.81
J81684651-S5A-A02ZA + Lining, L *NH85L*$123.63
J81084640-S9V-A01ZD + Lining Assembly, Rear Panel *G59L* (Medium Fern)$44.92
J81T84620-SNA-A01ZA + Lining, Trunk Lid *NH554L* (Stone Gray)$118.84
J81Z84640-S2A-003ZB + Lining, Rear Panel *NH85L* (Gray Eleven)$92.71
J81V84630-S5A-A00ZC + Floor Mat, Trunk *NH498L* (C-Black)$135.51
J81N84530-S9A-003ZB + Lock Assembly, Handle *G54L* (Mint Green)$8.70
J81G84520-SWA-013ZB + Lid Assembly, Cargo Floor *NH661L* (Gray)$329.97
J81C84512-SE3-A00ZA + Cover, Rear Bulkhead *NH89L* (Palmy Gray)$63.86
J81P84607-S82-A01 + Hook Assembly, Side$13.25
J81Y84635-SWA-A02ZA + Lining, R Rear Side *NH598L* (Atlas Gray)$160.90
J81284640-SM5-A02ZA + Lining Assembly, Rear Panel *NH89L* (Palmy Gray)$29.40
J81F84520-SHJ-A02ZA + Lid Assembly, Floor *G64L* (Olive)$901.40
J81Q84610-S0X-A32ZA + Lining Assembly, R Rear Side *NH284L* (Light Quartz Gray)$269.38
J81E84520-S9A-A01ZB + Lid Assembly, Cargo Floor *G54L* (Mint Green)$672.69
J81H84521-S01-A10 + Lid, Spare Tire$91.42
J81R84620-SCA-G21ZA + Lining R, Rear Side*NH167L$307.51
J81584642-S3Y-003ZB + Garnish (Upper) *YR233L* (Titanium)$36.00
J81884651-SNA-A03ZA + Lining Assembly, L Trunk Side *NH554L* (Stone Gray)$137.61
J81784651-S84-A04ZA + Garnish, L Trunk Side *NH85L* (Gray Eleven)$99.12
J81L84521-S82-A01ZA + Lid, Spare Tire *NH85L* (Gray Eleven)$142.19
J81384640-SWA-013ZA + Lining Assembly, Rear Panel *NH598L* (Atlas Gray)$34.23
J81M84521-SNA-A01ZA + Lid, Spare Tire *NH554L* (Stone Gray)$110.91
J81W84630-S9A-N81ZA + Floor Mat, Trunk *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$168.74
J81484640-SX0-010ZC + Lining, Rear Panel *YR169L* (Mild Beige)$86.75
J81B84500-SVA-306ZA + Kit, Rear *NH598L*$97.12
J81K84521-S5P-A11 + Lid, Spare Tire (Temporary Tire)$158.91