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EM Part JV 04631-S9A-305ZZ, 04631-S9A-A90ZZ for 2006 Honda CR-V 5-DOOR, EX (2WD), EX (4WD), LX (2WD), LX (4WD), SE, 5 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed Manual

HondaPanel, R Side Sill, 04631-S9A-305ZZ
  • Manufactured: Honda
  • Part number:  04631-S9A-305ZZ
  • Part: Panel, R Side Sill
  • Replaces: 04631-S9A-A90ZZ
  • Price: $446.06

This part fits:

YearMakeModelEngine & TransmissionBody & Trim
2002HondaCR-V 5-DOOR4 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed ManualEX (4WD), LX (2WD SIDE SRS), LX (2WD), LX (4WD SIDE SRS), LX (4WD)
2003HondaCR-V 5-DOOR4 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed ManualEX (4WD), LX (2WD SIDE SRS), LX (2WD), LX (4WD SIDE SRS), LX (4WD)
2004HondaCR-V 5-DOOR4 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed ManualEX (4WD), LX (2WD SIDE SRS), LX (2WD), LX (4WD SIDE SRS), LX (4WD)
2005HondaCR-V 5-DOOR5 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed ManualEX, LX (2WD), LX (4WD), SE
2006HondaCR-V 5-DOOR5 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed ManualEX (2WD), EX (4WD), LX (2WD), LX (4WD), SE

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JVP151220-SNA-A03 + Joint, R Front Ball (Lower)$52.08
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JVPU51210-SB0-954 + Knuckle, R Front (ABS)$131.51
JVPI50860-SDA-A02 + Rubber, Rear Transmission Mounting (Lower) (AT)$50.18
JVPO51210-S04-980 + Knuckle, R Front (ABS)$333.50
JVP651300-SDA-A04 + Spring, Front Stabilizer$79.40
JVP051220-SK7-013 + Joint, Ball (Lower) (Musashi)$68.31
JVPT51210-S9A-982 + Knuckle, R Front (ABS)$217.67
JVPZ51220-S04-003 + Joint, Ball (Lower) (Musashi)$63.44
JVPV51210-SDA-A02 + Knuckle, R Front$479.89
JVPN50890-SNA-A82 + Rod, Torque (Lower)$48.77
JVPG50850-SNE-A01 + Rubber Assembly, Transmission Mounting$137.36
JVPC50842-SR3-984 + Rubber, L Front Stopper Insulator (AT)$70.05
JVPP51210-S10-A10 + Knuckle, R Front (ABS)$313.90
JVPY51211-S0X-A01 + Knuckle, R Front$214.69
JVP251225-SR0-A01 + Boot, Ball Dust (Lower) (Technical Auto Parts)$3.71
JVPF50850-SDR-A03 + Rubber, Front Transmission Mounting (Lower)$246.66
JVPQ51210-S30-902 + Knuckle, R Front (ABS)$291.07
JVPE50842-SR3-030 + Rubber, L Front Stopper Insulator (Mt)$70.05
JVPH50870-SDA-A02 + Rubber, Transmission Mounting (Upper)$54.54
JVPR51210-S5A-J10 + Knuckle, R Front$440.85
JVP551300-S84-A01 + Spring, Front Stabilizer$59.53
JVP851300-SHJ-A62 + Spring, Front Stabilizer$154.17
JVP751300-SB2-005 + Spring, Front Stabilizer (Nippon Hatsujo)$49.99
JVPL50860-SDB-A01 + Mtg Rub Rear, Transmission L$19.59
JVP351300-S3V-A01 + Spring, Front Stabilizer$91.98
JVPM50880-SNA-A82 + Rod, Torque (Upper)$53.53
JVPW51210-SV4-J52 + Knuckle, R Front (ABS)$274.10
JVP451300-S5D-A01 + Spring, Front Stabilizer$66.48
JVPB50841-SR3-984 + Rubber, R Front Stopper Insulator (AT)$70.05
JVPK50860-SDA-A12 + Rubber, Rear Transmission Mounting (Lower) (Mt)$28.20
JVYA61113-S10-A01ZZ + Extension, R Dashboard (Upper)$14.85
JVYD63910-S10-E00ZZ + Lid Comp, F/Filler$40.50
JVY164220-S10-320ZZ + Pillar, R Center (Inner)$137.70
JVYS64210-S10-A01ZZ + Rail, R Roof Side$158.33
JVYJ64115-SCV-A01ZZ + Pillar, R Front (Upper) (Inner)$201.74
JVYX64211-SV2-310ZZ + Rail, R Roof Side$89.98
JVY964300-S5D-A00ZZ + Panel, R Rear Inside$1,869.59
JVYU64210-SHJ-A01ZZ + Rail, R Roof Side$78.75
JVYI63720-S2A-505ZZ + Extension, L Rear$46.41
JVYO64130-S5D-A00ZZ + Pillar, R Front (Lower) (Inner)$138.36
JVY664300-S0X-A11ZZ + Panel, R Rear Inside$2,935.85
JVY064220-S0X-A01ZZ + Pillar, R Center (Inner)$269.16
JVYT64210-SDA-A01ZZ + Rail, R Roof Side$60.75
JVYZ64220-S01-A00ZZ + Pillar, R Center (Inner)$133.56
JVYV64210-SDN-A01ZZ + Rail, R Roof Side$38.98
JVYN64130-S2A-A02ZZ + Pillar, R Front (Lower) (Inner)$94.30
JVYG63910-SCV-A01ZZ + Stiffener, Fuel Filler$53.39
JVYC61300-SDA-A01ZZ + Beam, Steering Hanger$232.11
JVYP64130-SCV-A02ZZ + Pillar, R Front (Lower) (Inner)$176.24
JVYY64211-SV4-V50ZZ + Rail, R Roof Side$78.26
JVY264220-S9V-A01ZZ + Pillar, R Center (Inner)$137.24
JVYF63910-S82-A01ZZ + Lid, Fuel Filler$39.37
JVYQ64150-S0X-A01ZZ + Reinforcement, R Front (Lower) (Inner)$40.72
JVYE63910-S5P-A01ZZ + Lid, Fuel Filler$29.25
JVYH63715-SE3-A50ZZ + Extension, L Rear Gutter$14.57
JVYR64210-S0X-A01ZZ + Rail, R Roof Side$314.82
JVY564300-S02-A02ZZ + Panel, R Rear Inside$479.66
JVY864300-S2A-A02ZZ + Panel, R Rear Inside$625.07
JVY764300-S10-A02ZZ + Panel, R Rear Inside$504.90
JVYL64130-S01-A01ZZ + Pillar, R Front (Lower) (Inner)$80.87
JVY364300-S00-A02ZZ + Panel, R Rear Inside$425.78
JVYM64130-S10-A01ZZ + Pillar, R Front (Lower) (Inner)$137.70
JVYW64211-S30-J10ZZ + Rail, R Front Roof Side$50.49
JVY464300-S01-A00ZZ + Panel, R Rear Inside$436.59
JVYB61160-SV4-A70ZZ + Beam, Steering Hanger$305.63
JVYK64121-S5D-A00ZZ + Pillar, R Front (Upper) (Inner)$107.62
JV2A67550-SM5-A01ZZ + Panel, L Rear Door$487.42
JV2D67611-SR4-506ZZ + Skin, R Rear Door$159.22
JV2168500-S5P-305ZZ + Lid, Trunk (DOT)$509.06
JV2S68100-SH3-A01ZZ + Tailgate (Rear Wiper)$597.89
JV2J67920-S01-A01ZZ + Hinge, R Rear Door (Lower)$37.81
JV2X68210-SJC-A02 + Striker Assembly, L Tailgate (Upper)$92.92
JV2968500-SV4-A80ZZ + Lid, Trunk (DOT)$541.94
JV2U68135-SR3-020 + Plate, Rear Wiper Motor Base$27.75
JV2I67910-S3V-A00ZZ + Hinge, R Rear Door (Upper)$25.56
JV2O68100-S0X-305ZZ + Tailgate$886.14
JV2668500-SE3-505ZZ + Lid Comp, Trunk$403.56
JV2068500-S5D-A92ZZ + Lid, Trunk (DOT)$527.62
JV2T68100-SV5-A90ZZ + Tailgate (DOT)$807.80
JV2Z68500-S30-A80ZZ + Lid, Trunk (DOT)$426.69
JV2V68210-SHJ-A02ZZ + Hinge, Tailgate$29.21
JV2N68100-S00-A03ZZ + Tailgate$758.81
JV2G67910-S01-A01ZZ + Hinge, R Rear Door (Upper)$37.81
JV2C67611-S9V-A01ZZ + Skin, R Rear Door$329.63
JV2P68100-SCA-A80ZZ + Tailgate (DOT)$814.02
JV2Y68500-S01-305ZZ + Lid, Trunk$675.84
JV2268500-S84-A92ZZ + Lid, Trunk (DOT)$470.27
JV2F67827-S4K-013 + Tape, R Rear Door Center (Inner)$15.19
JV2Q68100-S9V-A91ZZ + Tailgate Comp(Rdot)$1,096.70
JV2E67824-SDC-A02ZA + Tape, R Rear Door Sash (Inner)*NH70* (Flat Black)$49.87
JV2H67910-S5D-A01ZZ + Hinge, R Rear Door (Upper)$20.70
JV2R68100-SCV-A90ZZ + Tailgate (DOT)$1,452.12
JV2568500-SDN-A91ZZ + Lid, Trunk (DOT)$597.82
JV2868500-SV4-V50ZZ + Lid, Trunk$579.11
JV2768500-SNE-A90ZZ + Lid, Trunk (DOT)$538.30
JV2L67920-S5D-A01ZZ + Hinge, R Rear Door (Lower)$22.99
JV2368500-SDA-A61ZZ + Lid, Trunk (DOT)$630.19
JV2M67920-SX0-305ZZ + Hinge, R Rear Door (Lower)$43.07
JV2W68210-SHJ-A62ZZ + Hinge, Tailgate$29.21
JV2468500-SDA-A91ZZ + Lid, Trunk (DOT)$711.66
JV2B67611-S5D-305ZZ + Skin Set, R Rear Door$291.68
JV2K67920-S3V-A00ZZ + Hinge, R Rear Door (Lower)$32.34