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L8 04715-S9A-A81ZZ, old number 04715-SCA-A80ZZ, Face, Rear Bumper (DOT), ex. 04715-SCA-A80ZZ for 2006 Honda CR-V 5-DOOR, SE, 5 Speed Automatic

HondaFace, Rear Bumper (DOT), 04715-S9A-A81ZZ
  • Manufactured: Honda
  • Part number:  04715-S9A-A81ZZ
  • Part: Face, Rear Bumper (DOT)
  • Replaces: 04715-SCA-A80ZZ
  • Price: $280.90

This part fits:

YearMakeModelEngine & TransmissionBody & Trim
2005HondaCR-V 5-DOOR5 Speed AutomaticSE
2006HondaCR-V 5-DOOR5 Speed AutomaticSE

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L8AA04825-S0X-A01ZA + Outer Set, Rear Center Seat Belt *G49L* (Light Fern Green)$164.61
L8AD04826-S0X-A01ZB + Buckle Set, L Rear Seat Belt *NH284L* (Light Quartz Gray)$77.23
L8A104863-S9V-A01ZA + Buckle Set, R Center Seat Belt *G59L* (Medium Fern)$42.37
L8AS04827-S01-A00ZB + Seat Belt Set, Rear Center *YR164L* (Medium Taupe)$72.36
L8AJ04826-S5T-A01ZA + Buckle Set, L Rear Seat Belt *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$80.62
L8AX04829-S9V-A01ZC + Buckle Set, Rear Seat Belt Center *YR203L* (Saddle)$38.24
L8A904866-S0X-A01ZA + Buckle Set, L Center Seat Belt *G49L* (Light Fern Green)$58.12
L8AU04827-S9A-A12ZA + Tongue Set, Rear Seat Belt Center *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$222.35
L8AI04826-S5P-A02ZA + Buckle Set, L Rear Seat Belt *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$106.12
L8AO04826-SDC-A01ZA + Buckle Set, L Rear Seat Belt *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$82.12
L8A604864-SHJ-A02ZA + Outer Set, R Center Seat Belt*G64L* (Olive)$120.36
L8A004863-S0X-A02ZB + Buckle Set, R Center Seat Belt *NH284L* (Light Quartz Gray)$58.12
L8AT04826-SVA-A01ZA + Tongue & Buckle Set, L Rear Seat Belt *NH167L* (Center) (Graphite Black)$77.23
L8AZ04849-S9V-A01ZD + Tongue Set, Rear Seat Belt Center *G49L* (Light Fern Green)$110.62
L8AV04827-SXS-A01ZC + Outer Set, Rear Center Seat Belt (Upper) *YR240L* (Light Cream Ivory)$141.36
L8AN04826-SDA-A01ZA + Buckle Set, L Rear Seat Belt *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$83.62
L8AG04826-S5A-305ZB + Buckle Set *YR169L*$236.61
L8AC04825-S9V-A01ZA + Anchor Set, R Rear Seat (Outer) *G59L* (Medium Fern)$43.87
L8AP04826-SDN-A01ZA + Buckle Set, L Rear Seat Belt *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$47.25
L8AY04839-S9V-A01ZB + Anchor Set, Rear Seat Center *NH361L* (Gray)$43.87
L8A204863-SX0-A16ZC + Buckle Set *YR169L*$82.12
L8AF04826-S4K-A50ZD + Buckle Set, L Rear Seat Belt *B95L* (Lapis)$86.62
L8AQ04826-SNA-A01ZD + Tongue & Buckle Set, L Rear Seat Belt (Type C)$248.60
L8AE04826-S10-305ZA + Buckle Set, L Rear Seat Belt *NH178L* (Excel Charcoal)$101.62
L8AH04826-S5B-A02ZC + Buckle Set, L Rear Seat Belt (Inner) *YR239L* (Ivory)$256.10
L8AR04826-SNE-A01ZB + Tongue & Buckle Set, L Rear Seat Belt *YR240L* (Light Cream Ivory)$81.36
L8A504864-S9V-305ZA + Outer Set, R Center Seat Belt*YR203L* (Saddle)$75.36
L8A804865-S9V-A01ZC + Anchor Set, Middle Seat Center*YR203L* (Saddle)$42.37
L8A704864-SHJ-A02ZB + Outer Set, R Center Seat Belt*NH167L* (Graphite Black)$120.36
L8AL04826-S84-A00ZE + Buckle Set, L Rear Seat Belt *NH284L* (Light Quartz Gray)$63.36
L8A304863-SX0-A16ZD + Buckle Set, Center Seat Belt *G49L* (Light Fern Green)$82.12
L8AM04826-S9V-A01ZB + Buckle Set, L Rear Seat Belt (Inner) *NH361L* (Gray)$38.24
L8AW04829-S9A-A12ZA + Buckle Set, Rear Seat Belt Center (Lower) *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$45.37
L8A404864-S0X-A01ZA + Outer Set, R Center Seat Belt*G49L* (Light Fern Green)$171.73
L8AB04825-S9A-A02ZA + Buckle Set, Rear Seat Belt Center *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$45.37
L8AK04826-S82-A01ZA + Buckle Set, L Rear Seat Belt *NH264L* (Classy Gray)$50.62
L8DA11251-P2A-014 + Gasket, Oil Pan (Otsuka)$36.90
L8DD11300-PR4-A00 + Cover Assembly, R Side$95.16
L8D112251-PM5-S02 + Gasket, Cylinder Head (Ishino Gasket)$83.07
L8DS12030-RYE-A01 + Gasket Set, Head Cover$38.27
L8DJ11810-RCA-A01 + Cover Assembly, Timing Belt (Lower)$53.98
L8DX12100-PNC-010 + Cylinder Head Assembly$2,138.64
L8D912310-PLC-000 + Cover, Cylinder Head$193.90
L8DU12100-P14-A01 + Cylinder Head Assembly$1,719.30
L8DI11810-PR3-010 + Cover, Timing Belt (Lower)$51.69
L8DO11911-P0A-000 + Hanger, Engine$12.44
L8D612310-P8F-A00 + Cover, Front Cylinder Head$103.28
L8D012211-PE0-004 + Seal B, Valve Stem (Nok)$4.17
L8DT12030-RCJ-A01 + Gasket Set, Front Head Cover$39.01
L8DZ12210-PT2-004 + Seal A, Valve Stem (Nok)$4.19
L8DV12100-PCF-010 + Cylinder Head Assembly$2,119.94
L8DN11840-P08-010 + Cover, Timing Belt Back$26.57
L8DG11410-RZA-010 + Case Assembly, Chain$127.01
L8DC11300-PAA-A01 + Cover Assembly, R Side$102.91
L8DP11950-PLM-901 + Stiffener, Engine$30.78
L8DY12100-RAA-A01 + Cylinder Head Assembly$718.22
L8D29807B-5615W + Spark Plug (SKJ20DR-M11) (Denso)$20.14
L8DF11410-PPA-000 + Case Assembly, Chain$129.64
L8DQ12011-PCX-010 + Guide, Ex Valve (Over Size)$10.66
L8DE11300-PT0-000 + Cover Assembly, R Side$90.21
L8DH11810-P13-A01 + Cover, Timing Belt (Lower)$64.11
L8DR12030-RAA-A01 + Gasket Set, Head Cover$55.17
L8D512310-P0G-A01 + Cover, Front Cylinder Head$223.91
L8D812310-PCX-505 + Cover, Cylinder Head$279.25
L8D712310-PGK-A00 + Cover, Front Cylinder Head$143.30
L8DL11830-P8E-A00 + Cover Assembly, Rear Timing Belt (Upper)$43.12
L8D312290-RMX-014 + Spark Plug (SK20HPR-L11) (Denso)$20.14
L8DM11833-P08-000 + Rubber, L Back Seal$6.92
L8DW12100-P8C-306 + Head Assembly, Cylinder Front$1,535.52
L8D49807B-5617W + Spark Plug (IZFR6K-11) (Ngk)$20.14
L8DB11251-P30-004 + Gasket, Oil Pan$31.23
L8DK11830-P13-020 + Cover, Timing Belt Back$26.09
L81A37240-R70-A04 + Switch Assembly, Oil Pressure$28.76
L81D37820-R70-A59 + Control Module, Engine (Rewritable)$994.67
L81144014-TA0-A01 + Joint Set, Outboard$296.26
L81S39171-TE0-A32 + Tuner Assembly (Pioneer)$717.05
L81J39100-S2A-A91 + Tuner Assembly, Auto Radio (Clarion)$1,271.78
L81X42700-TA0-A82 + Disk, Aluminum Wheel (17X7) (1/2J) (TPMS) (Enkei)$479.82
L81944310-TA1-A10 + Joint, Inboard$213.74
L81U39710-TA0-306 + Display Assembly, Center (Stanley)$750.82
L81I38930-R70-A01 + Bracket, Compressor$64.02
L81O39170-TE0-A32ZA + Panel *NH693L* (Gun Metallic)$616.36
L81644018-TA0-A51 + Boot Set, Outboard$32.46
L81044014-TA1-A01 + Joint Set, Outboard$296.26
L81T39171-TE0-A82 + Tuner Assembly (Pioneer)$717.05
L81Z43022-TA0-A40 + Pad Set, Rear$60.17
L81V39835-TA0-A02 + Antenna Assembly, GPS$28.90
L81N39100-SVA-315ZA + Panel Assembly *NH608L* (Coo) (Gun Metallic)$198.05
L81G38210-TA0-A42 + Box Assembly, Passenger Fuse$278.23
L81C37820-R42-A82 + Control Module, Eng$548.17
L81P39171-TA0-A42 + Tuner Assembly (Pioneer)$745.08
L81Y42753-S2A-325 + Sensor Assembly, TPMS$116.94
L81244014-TA0-A51 + Joint Set, Outboard$296.26
L81F38210-TA0-A52 + Box Assembly, Passenger Fuse$323.82
L81Q39171-TA0-A02 + Tuner Assembly (Clarion)$422.76
L81E38210-TA0-A32 + Box Assembly, Passenger Fuse$270.79
L81H38615-R8A-A01 + Sub Shroud$39.53
L81R39171-TA0-A82 + Tuner Assembly (Pioneer)$745.08
L81544018-STK-A02 + Boot Set, Outboard$32.46
L81844305-TA1-A00 + Drive Shaft Assembly, R$441.56
L81744300-TA0-A61 + Bearing Assembly, Front Hub$76.05
L81L39100-TA0-A81ZA + Tuner Assembly, Radio *NH693L* (Gun Metallic)$795.16
L81344014-STK-A03 + Joint Set, Outboard$158.38
L81M39110-TA0-A01ZB + CD Player (6CD) *NH686L* (Pioneer) (Warm Gray)$991.21
L81W42510-TA0-A01 + Disk, Rear Brake$95.26
L81444018-TA1-A01 + Boot Set, Outboard$32.46
L81B37820-R40-A41 + Electronic Control Unit$401.08
L81K39100-TA0-A41ZB + Tuner Assembly, Radio *YR334L* (Taupe Gun Metallic)$785.42