MO Part 04813-S30-A01ZA Buckle Set, R Front Seat Belt

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MO $108.73, Buckle Set, R Front Seat Belt / 04813-S30-A01ZA + 04813-S30-A00ZA for 2001 Honda PRELUDE COUPE, BASE, TYPESH, 4 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed Manual

HondaBuckle Set, R Front Seat Belt, 04813-S30-A01ZA
  • Manufactured: Honda
  • Part number:  04813-S30-A01ZA
  • Part: Buckle Set, R Front Seat Belt
  • Replaces: 04813-S30-A00ZA
  • Price: $108.73

This part fits:

YearMakeModelEngine & TransmissionBody & Trim
1997HondaPRELUDE COUPE4 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed ManualBASE, TYPESH
1998HondaPRELUDE COUPE4 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed ManualBASE, TYPESH
1999HondaPRELUDE COUPE4 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed ManualBASE, TYPESH
2000HondaPRELUDE COUPE4 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed ManualBASE, TYPESH
2001HondaPRELUDE COUPE4 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed ManualBASE, TYPESH

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MODR80110-SDR-A02 + Condenser$426.58
MOD580215-SHJ-A02 + Evaporator Sub-Assembly$272.90
MOD880221-SHJ-A02 + Valve Sub-Assembly, Expansion$15.93
MOD780220-S84-A02 + Valve Assembly, Expansion (10N) (Fuji Koki America)$75.66
MODL80101-SFE-003 + Filter Sub-Assembly$57.25
MOD380211-S6D-G12 + Evaporator Assembly$264.94
MODM80110-S9A-013 + Condenser$374.40
MODW80177-SR3-003 + Mount, Condenser (Lower)$10.87
MOD480215-S2A-315 + Evaporator Kit$387.82
MODB8-97229-213-1 + Cap, Wheel Center Cap (Aluminum)$123.17
MODK80101-S9A-013 + Filter Sub-Assembly$60.71
MO1A17650-S0X-A02 + Pipe Assembly, Fuel Filler$311.08
MO1D17653-S0X-A01 + Tube A, Breather$29.49
MO1117717-S0E-J31 + Tube A, Fuel Vent$11.36
MO1S17670-S6M-A32 + Cap, Fuel Filler (Toyoda)$38.62
MO1J17660-S3Y-A01 + Pipe, Fuel Filler$110.84
MO1X17715-S2A-A40 + Tube, Return$48.83
MO1917731-S0X-A03 + Tube, Fuel Vent$155.84
MO1U17670-SHJ-A31 + Cap, Fuel Filler (Toyoda)$22.25
MO1I17660-S10-A03 + Pipe, Fuel Filler$154.71
MO1O17668-S5A-940 + Cover, Fuel Filler Pipe$21.65
MO1617724-S5A-A31 + Tube C, Fuel Vent$11.15
MO1017715-S0X-023 + Tube, Return (Tokai)$23.42
MO1T17670-S5A-A32 + Cap, Fuel Filler (Toyoda)$35.40
MO1Z17714-S0X-023 + Tube, Feed (Tokai)$25.76
MO1V17670-SM1-A03 + Cap, Fuel Filler (Stant)$14.00
MO1N17667-S3Y-A01 + Grommet, Fuel Filler Pipe$49.73
MO1G17659-S0X-A52 + Tube, Breather$37.35
MO1C17652-SDA-A31 + Clip, Filler Tube$3.53
MO1P17669-RNE-A01 + Label, Fuel Filler Caution$2.97
MO1Y17714-S2A-930 + Tube, Feed$50.36
MO1217717-S0X-A51 + Tube B, Fuel Vent$13.68
MO1F17658-S0X-A01 + Tube, Breather$5.72
MO1Q17670-SA5-013 + Cap, Fuel Filler$25.08
MO1E17657-S0X-A52 + Tube A, Fuel Vent$41.28
MO1H17660-S04-A03 + Pipe, Fuel Filler$110.84
MO1R17670-S0X-A02 + Cap, Fuel Filler (Toyoda)$23.97
MO1517724-S0X-A52 + Tube A, Fuel Vent (Orvr)$30.64
MO1817725-S5A-A32 + Tube, Fuel Vent (Orvr)(Epfs)$49.17
MO1717725-S0X-A52 + Tube B, Fuel Vent (Orvr)$44.55
MO1L17660-SCV-A32 + Pipe, Fuel Filler$123.60
MO1317722-S9A-A01 + Tube, Vent$18.58
MO1M17660-SDA-A02 + Pipe, Fuel Filler$133.23
MO1W17670-T3W-A01 + Cap, Fuel Filler$34.08
MO1417722-S5A-A31 + Tube B, Fuel Vent$13.42
MO1B17650-S0X-A53 + Pipe Assembly, Fuel Filler$306.56
MO1K17660-S84-A01 + Pipe, Fuel Filler$154.71