N6 Honda CR-V 5-DOOR Buckle Set, R Rear Seat Belt *YR203L* (Saddle) OEM 04823-S9A-A01ZB

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Genuine Factory, N6 Part Number: 04823-S9A-A01ZB, 04823-S9A-A00ZB for 2004 Honda CR-V 5-DOOR, EX (4WD), LX (2WD SIDE SRS), LX (2WD), LX (4WD SIDE SRS), LX (4WD), 4 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed Manual

HondaBuckle Set, R Rear Seat Belt *YR203L* (Saddle), 04823-S9A-A01ZB
  • Manufactured: Honda
  • Part number:  04823-S9A-A01ZB
  • Part: Buckle Set, R Rear Seat Belt *YR203L* (Saddle)
  • Replaces: 04823-S9A-A00ZB
  • Price: $45.37

This part fits:

YearMakeModelEngine & TransmissionBody & Trim
2002HondaCR-V 5-DOOR4 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed ManualEX (4WD), LX (2WD SIDE SRS), LX (2WD), LX (4WD SIDE SRS), LX (4WD)
2003HondaCR-V 5-DOOR4 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed ManualEX (4WD), LX (2WD SIDE SRS), LX (2WD), LX (4WD SIDE SRS), LX (4WD)
2004HondaCR-V 5-DOOR4 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed ManualEX (4WD), LX (2WD SIDE SRS), LX (2WD), LX (4WD SIDE SRS), LX (4WD)

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N6AA72470-SZA-A01 + Garnish Assembly, L Front Door Sash$23.02
N6AD72840-SZA-A02 + Checker, R Rear Door$15.47
N6A176720-SZA-A02 + Arm, Rear Wiper$25.04
N6AS75250-SZA-A03ZA + Rail Assembly, R Roof *NH533* (Bumper Dark Gray)$150.36
N6AJ74316-SZA-A91 + Molding B, L Roof$80.12
N6AX76200-SZA-A33ZD + Mirror, R Dr *NH705M*$364.76
N6A977810-SZA-A81ZA + Module Assembly, Driver *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$766.75
N6AU75271-SZA-A02 + Gasket, R Front$2.98
N6AI74111-SJC-A01 + Shield, Front Splash$70.08
N6AO74810-SZA-A02ZH + Handle Assembly, Tailgate *YR573M* (Mocha Metallic)$142.44
N6A677500-SZA-A02ZC + Box Assembly, Glove *NH686L* (Warm Gray)$85.63
N6A076730-SZA-A02 + Blade, Windshield Wiper (356MM)$18.77
N6AT75273-SZA-A02 + Gasket, R Rear$3.01
N6AZ76600-SZA-A02 + Arm, Windshield Wiper (Driver Side)$88.16
N6AV75302-SZA-A02ZA + Protector, R Front Door *NH533* (Bumper Dark Gray)$77.22
N6AN74810-SZA-A02ZG + Handle Assembly, Tailgate *R529P* (Dark Cherry Pearl)$142.44
N6AG73400-SZA-A10 + Glass Assembly, R Rear Door (Privacy) (Ppg)$179.05
N6AC72775-SZA-A02 + Channel, L Rear Door Run$39.72
N6AP74900-SZA-305ZG + Garnish Assembly, T/Gat*NH578$367.79
N6AY76505-SDA-A11 + Motor, Front Wiper$137.99
N6A276741-SZA-A03 + Lifter Assembly$40.26
N6AF73129-S3N-000 + Seal, Front$3.00
N6AQ74826-SZA-A00 + Stopper, Glass Hatch$12.64
N6AE73111-SZA-A01 + Glass Set, Front Windshield (Green)(AGC)(Tinted)$692.93
N6AH73455-SZA-A00 + Glass Assembly, L Rear Door Quarter (Privacy) (Ppg)$226.00
N6AR74961-SZA-315 + Motor Assembly, Power Tailgate$498.60
N6A577270-SZA-A22ZB + Panel Ass*NH167L*$78.91
N6A877554-SZA-A00ZB + Outlet Assembly, Passenger *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$35.46
N6A777550-SZA-A01ZG + Panel Assembly, Passenger (Upper)*YR309L* (Light Beige)$65.52
N6AL74411-SZA-A02 + Cable, Fuel Lid Opener$18.34
N6A376810-SZA-A61ZB + Nozzle Front*NH578*$30.53
N6AM74711-SZA-A02 + Hoist, Spare Tire$100.79
N6AW75303-SZA-A02ZA + Protector, R Rear Door *NH533* (Bumper Dark Gray)$66.83
N6A477211-SZA-A01ZC + Lid, R Instrument Side *NH686L* (Warm Gray)$40.42
N6AB72650-SZA-A02 + Latch Assembly, L Rear Door Power$52.20
N6AK74306-SZA-A21 + Molding Assembly A, R Roof$80.12
N6DA83541-TF0-013ZA + Base, R Front Door Grip *NH167L* (Power Window) (Graphite Black)$14.89
N6DD84101-TF0-N82ZA + Garnish Assembly, R Front Pillar *NH220L* (Clear Gray)$45.37
N6D153713-SCV-A05 + Hose, Power Steering Feed$147.86
N6DS37850-RKG-A01 + Driver Unit, Drive By Wire$347.34
N6DJ04712-SCV-A70 + Face, Front (DOT)$163.17
N6DX42700-SCV-A12 + Disk, Aluminum Wheel (16X6 1/2JJ) (TPMS) (Seat Marys$302.78
N6D961310-SCV-A02ZZ + Beam, Steering Hanger$229.11
N6DU39100-SCV-307 + Tuner, Auto Radio Coo$1,002.23
N6DI89310-S3V-A04 + Jack Assembly, Pantograph$30.96
N6DO19010-PZA-A52 + Radiator$363.65
N6D660100-TK6-A92ZZ + Hood, Engine (DOT)$279.03
N6D057110-SCV-A32 + Modulator Assembly, Vsa$1,169.51
N6DT38900-RGM-505 + Clutch Set$205.32
N6DZ52321-SCV-A01 + Link, L Rear Stabilizer$16.11
N6DV39467-S9V-A01ZA + Garnish (Inner) *G66L* (Light Green)$56.70
N6DN19010-PZD-A12 + Radiator (Denso)$315.49
N6DG84605-TF0-G12ZA + Base, R Rear Shelf *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$27.53
N6DC83741-TF0-013ZA + Base, R Rear Door Grip *NH167L* (Power Window) (Graphite Black)$15.19
N6DP35600-SHJ-A02 + Switch Assembly, R Heated Seat$15.92
N6DY44351-SCV-A02 + Damper, Dynamic$19.50
N6D252322-SCV-A01 + Protector, Stabilizer Link$46.75
N6DF84171-TF0-013ZA + Garnish Assembly, L Center Pillar (Lower) *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$42.00
N6DQ35830-SVA-A02ZB + Switch, Sunroof*NH598L*$42.00
N6DE84161-TF0-013ZA + Garnish Assembly, L Center Pillar (Upper) *NH220L* (Clear Gray)$27.37
N6DH84601-TF0-E22ZA + Lining Assembly, R Trunk Side *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$150.74
N6DR36532-P8C-A21 + Sensor, Oxygen, Rear$176.70
N6D557110-SVA-305 + Modulator Assembly, Vsa (Coo)$984.66
N6D860910-SCV-A20ZZ + Frame, L Front Side$738.68
N6D762100-SCV-A50ZZ + Panel, Roof$4,108.79
N6DL19010-PMP-A53 + Radiator$299.20
N6D353731-SCV-A02 + Tube, Suction$11.15
N6DM19010-RDJ-A52 + Radiator$148.49
N6DW44305-SCV-A51 + Drive Shaft Assembly, R$336.68
N6D453713-SNA-A06 + Hose, Power Steering Feed$117.85
N6DB83742-TF0-033ZA + Cover, R Rear Door Grip *NH167L* (Power Window) (Graphite Black)$20.42
N6DK04715-SCV-A60 + Face, Rear (DOT)$286.20
N61A64220-TK8-306ZZ + Pillar, R Center (Inner)$211.85
N61D65135-TK8-305ZZ + Cross-member B, Front Floor$127.86
N61177221-T0A-A12ZA + Panel, Driver *NH781L* (Mocha Gray)$92.08
N61S57110-T2F-L32 + Modulator Assembly, Vsa (Rewritable)$889.78
N61J83701-TK8-A14ZC + Lining Cmp R, D *YR400L*$174.93
N61X37820-5K1-A56 + Control Module, Powertrain (Rewritable)$489.07
N61983452-T2F-B01ZB + Panel Assembly *NH836L* (Driver Side) (Wisteria Light Gray)$27.98
N61U82940-T2F-A02ZA + Headrest Assembly, Rear Center *YR449L* (Cashmere Ivory)$50.62
N61I82121-TK8-A43ZB + Cover, R Rear Seat-Back Trim *NH767L* (Leather) (Truffle)$106.86
N61O12500-5A2-A40 + Cover, Engine$22.87
N6161K100-5K1-A03 + Control Unit, Battery Electronic (Rewritable)$872.70
N61051390-SZA-A05 + Bracket, R Front$194.56
N61T57110-T3L-A12 + Modulator Assembly, Vsa (Rewritable)$923.54
N61Z39176-SZA-A94 + Black-Box Assembly$577.50
N61V84630-T3L-A03ZA + Lining Assembly, Trunk Lid *NH85L* (Gray Eleven)$96.75
N61N78518-SZA-A02ZA + Cover, Body *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$5.32
N61G76630-TK8-A02 + Blade, Windshield Wiper (550MM) (Passenger Side)$24.25
N61C64620-TK8-306ZZ + Pillar, L Center (Inner)$211.85
N61P31220-PPA-A02 + Gear Set, Reduction$287.88
N61Y38200-T3W-A02 + Box Assembly, Fuse (Rewritable)$262.55
N61277960-SZT-L03 + SRS Unit (Rewritable)$1,027.23
N61F72310-TK8-A02 + Weatherstrip, R Front Door$35.15
N61Q51220-STK-A01 + Joint, Front Ball (Lower)$27.44
N61E65140-TK8-316ZZ + Sill, R Front Inside$507.94
N61H81321-TK8-A43ZB + Cover, R Middle Seat-Back Trim *NH767L* (Leather) (Truffle)$238.85
N61R52365-SR3-004 + Bush, Rear Arm (Lower)$18.64
N6151C800-5K1-023 + Converter Assembly, DC-DC (12V)$922.07
N61883450-T2F-B02ZC + Armrest Assembly, Console (Type F)$79.22
N61783450-T2F-B02ZA + Armrest Assembly, Console *YR449L* (Cashmere Ivory)$79.22
N61L51350-SJC-A03 + Arm, R Front (Lower)$411.81
N61382137-TF0-J22ZB + Pad & Trim *NH719L*$295.10
N61M72450-TK8-A11 + Molding Assembly, L Front Door$36.75
N61W18213-T3Z-A01 + Stay, Ex$6.88
N61404814-TS8-A01ZD + Outer Set, R Front Seat Belt *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$181.85
N61B64140-TK8-305ZZ + Pillar, R Front (Lower) (Inner)$1,064.67
N61K06312-R70-505RM + Starter, Core ID (428000-5380)(428000-6490)(9742809-649)$317.08